Common Faults and Solutions of Plastic Bottle Blowing Machines

Common faults and solutions of plastic bottle-blowing machines

Plastic bottles are almost everywhere in our daily lives - plastic bottle packaging is involved in the production of liquids such as water, beverages, tea, milk, oil, and daily chemical products. As a machine for producing plastic bottles, plastic bottle blowing machines are widely used in various industries and contribute to the development of the liquid packaging industry. However, it is a complex machine that integrates mechanics, electronic control, and hydraulics. If not operated correctly, it will inevitably malfunction, and an imperfectly designed plastic bottle-blowing machine is even more prone to problems. This article analyzes and answers five common plastic bottle blowing machine failures and their solutions. Continue reading to expand your knowledge!

Common Faults and Solutions of Plastic Bottle Blowing Machines 1

Five common faults of plastic bottle blowing machines and their solutions

1. Noisy

During the operation of the plastic bottle blowing machine, a certain amount of noise will occur when the body vibrates irregularly. In addition, some guide wheels will produce loud noise when rolling on the outer track and groove of the cam, which will not only cause a poor working environment on site, but also affect the normal work and rest of surrounding residents.

Solution: From the source, the old plastic bottle blowing machine can be updated to a new generation of bottle blowing machine controlled by multi-axis servo motors; from the perspective of sound transmission, the sealing of workshop production can be increased and the operator can wear earplugs.

2. Material accumulates at the bottom of the bottle

If there is material accumulation at the bottom of the bottles produced by the plastic bottle blowing machine, the common reasons are that the blowing time is too long, the air pressure is unstable, and the stretch rod is not adjusted in place.

Solution: To address the problems, you can shorten the blowing time, reduce the descending speed of the stretch rod, increase the heating temperature at the bottom of the preform, and shorten the air supply pipeline.

3. The bottle mouth is deformed

The bottle mouth deformation of PET bottles is generally due to the continuous increase in temperature in the heating machine, which causes the bottle mouth to expand and deform.

Solution: Increase the air cooling or water cooling at the bottle mouth, or install central air conditioning in the production workshop to lower the temperature.

4. The bottle cannot come out of the mold

This situation may be because the exhaust time of the plastic bottle blowing machine is too short, the exhaust valve is faulty, the clamping pin screw is broken, or the clamping force is too strong.

Solution: Adjust the exhaust time, repair the exhaust valve and clamping pin, or reduce the clamping force.

5. The bottle mold closing line is obvious

The obvious closing line may be due to the following reasons: insufficient mold closing pressure, premature sealing time, or mold problems.

Solution: You can increase the mold closing pressure of the plastic bottle blowing machine, adjust the angle of the mold closing support rod, observe whether the mold is pressed tightly, and repair the mold tooth mouth fit.

Common Faults and Solutions of Plastic Bottle Blowing Machines 2

The simplest processing method: choose TECH-LONG’s sixth-generation PET fully automatic blow molding machine

The unpredictable market demand has put forward the need to upgrade bottle-blowing machines. After painstaking research and technology development,  TECH-LONGlaunched the sixth-generation fully automatic rotary bottle blowing machine, which greatly reduced the failure rate, which covers multiple advantages:

  • Rapid mold changing mechanism, the bottom mold is linked with the opening and closing mold, and the unlocking and fixing of the mold are controlled by the lock block, which improves the movement connection and reduces the vibration of the plastic bottle blowing machine. With the high-performance servo motor, robot positioning mechanism, and optimized exhaust channel design, the noise of the plastic bottle blowing machine can be reduced to the greatest extent.
  •  Precise servo stretching control enables maximum processing angle and processing flexibility.
  • he optimized heating machine adopts air cooling at the bottle mouth and superimposes a precise temperature control system to prevent bottle mouth deformation.
  • Six-valve blowing process, large-diameter blowing valve, precise control of high-pressure blowing air pressure.

In addition, TECH-LONG also provides bottle-blowing mold design services, designing bottle blowing molds that can meet the most stringent conditions from a professional perspective. We also provides excellent after-sales service and timely responds as soon as possible according to your specific needs,  allowing you to experience our convenient, professional and responsive service attitude. In the future, TECH-LONG will be by your side throughout the entire life cycle of the PET fully automatic blow molding machine!

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