TECH-LONG and Donggu Soya Sauce

Fully automatic sauce packing product line (24000 BPH product line turn-key project)

Approaching the gate of Heshan City Donggu Flavoring & Food Co., Ltd., a big sauce bottle stands on the platform carved with “Taste for the World”, and the slogan of the enterprise “Creating a centennial brand and establishing Donggu image”. Currently, Donggu sauce produces fermented sauce, Gulao noodles sauce, South China preserved bean curd, sauce products, edible vinegar, oyster oil, and flavoring, altogether 7 series and nearly 60 kinds of products. It is the second cooperation between Donggu and TECH-LONG. After successfully purchasing the 10000 BPH sauce filling machine in the middle of 2009, in order to meet the demands of fast development, improve the production capacity, drop the cost, and establish the image of quality foods producer and supplier, Donggu senior staff and technical staffs visited several sample projects of TECH-LONG, through repeated deep technical discussion, the plan of the entire line was optimized for several times, and the entire line plan provided by TECH-LONG is shown as below:

■ 60,000 BPH fully automatic depalletizer (save working cost);

■ 24,000 BPH 4-in-1 washing /filling /pressing /capping machine (save space, improve efficiency, reduce working cost and improve product packing environment);

■ 36,000 BPH unpacking /casing /sealing system (save space, improve efficiency, reduce working cost);

■ 36,000 BPH fully automatic robot palletizer system (save space, improve production efficiency, reduce working cost);

■ Entire line conveying an entire line control solution (match CIP system ) Currently, this plan is the only max speed entire line turn-key project (24000BPH) for domestic packing product line supplier in the global flavoring fluid packing, and is suitable for high-speed product line, and is for the reference for the high-grade customer who requires entire line turn-key project!

Since establishment, TECH-LONG has been focused on the R&D, production and sales of middle and high-grade beverage packaging machinery, and achieved leap development with the opportunity of fast development of the Chinese beverage industry. Currently, in terms of R&D ability, technical level, production size, and product quality, TECH-LONG ranks leading in the domestic industry, and the performance, quality, and technology of main products have reached world world-leading level, with the market share keeping first at home. 

Through establishing a complete operation system and developing the financing platform, TECH-LONG has achieved the allocation of capital and resources with an effective combination of use and industrial operation for achieving sustainable development. In sustainable development, new projects and products are very important for improving the competitive force and core technical innovation for TECH-LONG. Currently, the new products have been widely applied in the household daily-chemical products, oil products, and flavoring fields, and several household daily-chemical producers have expressed a desire to establish long-term cooperation with TECH-LONG, while domestic several famous flavoring enterprises (including Haitian Foods, Chubang sauce, Donggu sauce, and Shinho sauce) have established long term cooperation with TECH-LONG. 

TECH-LONG has possessed the core technology for flavoring, particularly the sauce, and vinegar filling product line, and is capable of selecting production techniques according to the product features for improving production efficiency and dropping production costs. Additionally, for both glass bottle and PET bottle flavoring, TECH-LONG is the only enterprise at home that provides an entire line turn-key project, which provides powerful support for domestic enterprises to achieve the upgrading of industry and equipment.

TECH-LONG and Donggu Soya Sauce 1

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