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TECH-LONG case packer, with completely independent intellectual property rights, was initially developed in 2003. It is an advanced carton packaging equipment in China, known for its high control accuracy and stability. The product has been widely adopted in over 50 countries and regions worldwide. To further expand our market, we are dedicated to continuous development of new products, aiming to create more high-quality packaging products to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


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    It is widely used in water, beverage, beer, food, condiment, home care and personal care, medicine, glass bottle/PET bottle/pop-can industrial packaging and other fields.

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    Scope of applications:

    Applicable packaging box types: cardboard boxes and plastic boxes.

    Applicable box size: carton, plastic box Max: (length × width × height) = 550 × 350 × 360;

    Applicable bottle type and diameter: round bottles Φ50~Φ165, square bottles 50~ 165, special-shaped bottles (sample confirmation required);

    Applicable bottle base requirements: it should be relatively smooth (for example, for the petaloid bottle base or other special bottle base, sample confirmation is required);

    Applicable bottle capacity: 200~5000ml;

    Applicable bottle height: 120~350mm;

    Optimal ambient temperature: 5~40℃;

    Optimum ambient humidity: 50~65%RH;

    Optimum altitude: 5~3000 meters;

    Production capacity: 48,000 bottles/hour (6×4=24 bottles/box) (usually equipped with 36,000 to 48,000 lines).

    Working power supply range: 380~480AC (±10%); 50~60Hz3PH+N+PE;

    Operating pressure range: 5~6Bar (filtered, free of water and impurities)

    ● Gas consumption: 100-250L/Min

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    Packaging examples

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    Total Installed Power(KW)

    Rated Power(KW)


    Main features of the device

    Case packer series

    Pick type case packing


    Translational case packer 





    28800 bottles/hour (4×6=24 bottles/box X4 boxes) (usually for with 22000~30000 BPH lines)

    The main frame of the equipment is in frame-type translation design, and the frame is constructed by square steel assembly welding, which is stable and tight, reliable and stable in movement and convenient to adjust; The equipment is economical and practical. The main frame of the equipment is driven by the translation of synchronous belt to drive the bottle gripper assembly to move and lift in parallel, which is also reliable and stable in movement and convenient to adjust.


    Transverse case packer




    43,200 bottles/hour (maximum 60,000 bottles/hour, 4×6=24 bottles/box) (usually for  40,000 to 60,000 BPH lines )

    Vertical lifting frame is equipped with the increasing number of upper and lower guide wheels and transverse guide wheels compared with conventional equipment. therefore the equipment is more stable when moving around. Both vertical lifting and horizontal movement use double output shaft deceleration motor and encoder, allowing for smooth movement and easy speed changes. Therefore, it is beneficial to speed up the whole equipment and reduce failure rates.


    Robot case packer




    48,000 bottles/hour (6×4=24 bottles/box) (usually for 36,000 to 48,000 BPH lines)

    Well-known domestic and international brand robots, the robot's movements are controlled by servo motors, and the pneumatic bottle gripper head or mechanical gripper are supplied with compressed air provided by the machine.

    Structure principle

    According to the specifications of the product packaging, the bottle-shaped mechanism should be adjusted first. The product is inputted from the bottle conveyor belt and then divided into several rows by the bottle divider. Subsequently, the bottles accumulate on the conveyor belt in the bottle pick-up area, where the bottle-pressing device applies pressure to the bottles, and the pressure-release device releases the pressure between the bottles. When the finished empty box enters the packing belt, the box guide frame descends, and the empty box is opened for packing. The equipment drives the gripper to the bottle pick-up area, the airbag inflates or automatically opens the mechanical gripper to grab the bottle to put the bottle into the empty box. Finally the packing procedure is completed. 


    1. Table-top chain box conveyor belt: double slat structure, equipped with the same standard slat chain for product conveying (bottle conveyor belt); With different channel distances, the pneumatic stopper is used to position the feeding of cartons in the packing area to ensure the measuring position and control the box feeding, and to control the shortage or accumulation of boxes. AC motor drive;

    2. Pneumatic gripper head: the inletion of compressed air help the inner sleeve of the gripper head wrap the bottle tightly, it will recover the internal state after exhausting, the equipment will release the bottle. (This device can be configured according to user's requirements);

    3. Automatic bottle division technology is adopted for online operation; PLC control of the whole machine, fully automatic operation; The main drive can be adjusted infinitely in speed and other advanced technologies. The main frame of the equipment is driven by the synchronous belt translation to move and lift the bottle gripper assembly in parallel under power, which is reliable, stable and easy to adjust;

    4. The window of various motor models are well prepared on the touch screen for effortless selection, without the need for professionals, professional knowledge and online computer operation.

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