This is a toy packaging system consisting of plastic molding machine, robot boxing machine, box unpacking machine, robot box filling machine and box sealing machine.
Technical Features
Automatic paper and plastic packing and boxing for toys, automatically detects and rejects the defective products.
Automatic feeding, heating, forming and cutting of PET or PVC sheets with small floor area.
The feeding, adding internal accessories, adding blister card, heat sealing and stamping of toys can be completed automatically. Each mechanism is of modular structure and the functional modules can be increased or deleted according to different products.
Full automatic connection is realized between the overturn feeding and transfer, punching, hooking, sealing and sticking, labeling, detection & rejection, box unpacking, filling and sealing.
Equipment Parameters
Applicable products: Whole line of paper and plastic packaging
Equipment capacity: 10-12 moulds / min for plastic suction forming (The quantity of each mould varies for products of different sizes)
Applicable products: Paper and plastic packaging products, such as PET and PCV
Applicable scope: Widely applied to industries of toy, electron, hardware and 3C.