An automatic case palletizing machine is used for beverage, beer, food, non-food glass, plastic bottles, and medicine industries packages. Bottle diameter: φ55-100, 330ml-1.5L, H=230-330

Traditional Palletiser

Robot Palletizer

Case Depalletizer

Empty Bottle Depalletizer

Bulk Water Palletizer

Single Post Palletizer

Category Description Model Size(L*W*H) Installed Power Capacity
Traditional Palletiser Single Lane Palletiser DBZ-BMD40 2790×3255×3995 25KW 20000-32000BPH
Duoble Lane Palletiser DBZ-BMD60 2790×3255×3995 30KW 30000-40000BPH
Double Pallet Palletiser DBZ-BMD80 4317×3255×3995 40KW 40000-65000BPH
Robotic Palletiser Robotic Palletiser DBZ-JMD30 / 30KW 20000-30000BPH
Single Lane Robotic Palletiser DBZ-JMD40 2485×2245×2200 40KW 20000-36000BPH
Double Lane Robotic Palletiser DBZ-JMD80 2485×2845×2200 45KW 30000-54000BPH
Bulk Water Palletiser Bulk Water Palletiser DBZ-BMT20 4000×2300×4300 15KW 1500-2200BPH
Robotic Bulk Water Palletiser DBZ-JMT40 2000×600×1000 27KW 1100-2200BPH
Single Column Palletiser Single Lane Single Column Palletiser DBZ-LMD40 4080×2510×5185 20KW 20000-38000BPH
Double Lane Single Column Palletiser DBZ-LMD60 4080×2510×5185 26KW 36000-48000BPH
Depalletiser Case Depalletiser DBZ-CXD60 2490×2910×4264 25KW 20000-42000BPH
Double Pallet Case Depalletiser DBZ-CXD80 4300x2910x4265 30KW 40000-65000BPH
Empty Bottle Depalletiser High Level Empty Bottle Depalletiser DBZ-BXP50 4200×4300×2800 20KW 30000-70000BPH
Low Level Empty Bottle Depalletsier DBZ-DXP40 2920×3255×4086 22KW 20000-30000BPH


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