TECH-LONG once again Providing India Megha Springs with Two Complete Lines

TECH-LONG once again Providing India Megha Springs with Two Complete Lines 1

TECH-LONG once again Providing India Megha Springs with Two Complete Lines 2
Located in central India, Hyderabad, capital of Trent Gandhi Bond, is renowned for its history, architecture, mosques and temples. As the sixth largest city in India, it is a modern city integrated long history with prosperous business. Hyderabad is economically developed and easily accessible by rails, highways and air.
TECH-LONG once again Providing India Megha Springs with Two Complete Lines 3
New Plant On Construction
In 2015, Megha Springs PVT., LTD. a local beverage producer, purchased land there for building Phase II plant. As a beverage & puffed food supplier, Megha Springs produces a wide collection of beverages, such as mango juice, soft drinks, pure water and soda water. In recent years, the production plant provided by Tech-Long allows "Jeera", a spice-flavored carbonated beverage under Megha, to gain a wide popularity in the southern India with a soaring output. Before then, Megha Springs operated traditional semi-auto linear blow molding machine. In 2014, the complete line of 18000BPH carbonated beverage plant provided by Tech-Long was put into use, which upgraded Megha Springs into an automatic production with the middle-and-high speed rotary blower-filler-capper line. 

Within just two years, "Bindu" has become one of the most sought-after local brands, leading to Megha Springs achieving record highs in both market expansion and brand popularity. As the market demand increases, Megha Springs has recognized the need for greater yield, and has made the strategic decision to build a plant in Hyderabad, meeting the capacity requirements and further expanding its brand influence. For a better preparation for the new plant, in May 2015, accompanied by Mr. Jinesh (CEO of TECH-LONG Middle East Branch) and Mr. Vithal (Director of Sales of TECH-LONG India Branch), Megha Springs President Mr. Shanka, his family and Mr. Bangera (senior project technical consultant) visited TECH-LONG once more for negotiation on production line of the new plant. Both parties carried out technical and commercial discussions on a complete 28000BPH carbonated water production line and a 12000BPH water line. On account of previous cooperation, Megha Springs is confident on TECH-LONG’s equipment and technical quality. Therefore, they reached an agreement on cooperation quickly. 

Due to the unpredictable and volatile nature of the market, the project faced a lengthy period of suspension in June 2015. This was mainly due to sluggish growth in Europe and the implementation of the ECB's Quantitative Easing Monetary Policy, which led to a sharp depreciation of the euro. Despite facing adverse effects from the declining value of the euro, TECH-LONG took proactive measures to improve their original scheme, while its rivals attempted to convince the client with lower price and more favorable offers. However, TECH-LONG ultimately decided to win the client's trust by providing more advanced flow meter filling technology. After a three-day private session, both parties reached a consensus on all cooperation items and agreed to joint development.

In this project, TECH-LONG will add two exemplary production lines in south India. So far, the project is proceeding well on schedule, on which Megha Springs and TECH-LONG believe firmly a great success will be achieved. In the future, Megha Springs will gain exciting returns, and the excellence of TECH-LONG brand will win a sweeping popularity in the south India market.

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