Deeply Cultivate Packaging Technology to Create Industry Benchmarks | TECH-LONG Wins Ringier Technology Innovation Award

On August 25, at the "2022 Food and Beverage Industry - Ringier Technology Innovation Award" award ceremony held in Guangzhou, TECH-LONG relied on its fully automatic heat shrink film secondary packaging machine and bare bottle palletizing innovative technology to achieve technological innovation and practicality. Unconventional in craftsmanship, it won the "Ringier Technology Innovation Award".

The fully automatic heat-shrinkable film secondary packaging machine is a product independently developed by TECH-LONG, which is currently the most advanced heat-shrinkable film packaging equipment in the country. The thickness of the packaging material used is ultra-thin among its global peers. This equipment is controlled by a servo control system and driven by six to seven servo motors, adaptable to a variety of formats, with one-click switching for format conversion in a fully automatic design. With its high degree of automation, reliable control, simple adjustment, and intelligent operation, it can be widely used in beverage, beer, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Another award-winning technology is the innovative process of bare bottle palletizing, which improves and optimizes the production process of post-packaging and palletizing of bottles. The direct grouping and palletizing of naked bottles eliminate the bottle film wrapping or cartoning process, greatly reducing the use of packaging consumables.

Deeply Cultivate Packaging Technology to Create Industry Benchmarks | TECH-LONG Wins Ringier Technology Innovation Award 1

The Ringier Technology Innovation Award is hosted by Ringier Industrial Media, a leading industrial information media. Since its successful launch in 2006, it has attracted much attention from the industry for its fair and objective selection process and has become the most professional and influential industry selection in China. The Ringier Technology Innovation Award has covered the packaging industry, which recognizes outstanding innovators in the industry, highlighting their contributions to cutting-edge products and technologies that enhance productivity, convenience, and green environmental practices. Through this award, Ringier aims to encourage companies to invest in technological innovation and promote sustainable development in the industry.

As a packaging machine manufacturer that attaches great importance to technological innovation, therefore with a yearly increased investment on the R&D of technology. We always adhere to the original intention of "run for you" and are committed to providing customers with more efficient comprehensive solutions for liquid products. In the future, we will deepen our efforts in technological innovation, give full play to our R&D on industry-leading technology to enhance our core competitiveness and create greater value for our customers, the industry, and society as a whole.

TECH-LONG's "Intelligent Manufacturing Service Platform for Packaging Complete Equipment" was Selected into the First Batch of Key Platforms for Empowering the "four modernizations" in Guangzhou!
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