Tania Water Factory, Saudi Arabia

Established in 2003 as a water factory in Al Kharj, Tania has rapidly grown to one of the leading and fastest-growing companies in the 5 Gallon industry in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As a family-owned business, it is managed by the Dossari Family with the support of Eng. Shouimy Al Dossari-the General Manager.

During the Canton fair in October 2007, TECH-LONG and SURE sales team members had their first meeting, during which Tania was in the process of finalizing a supplier for their soon-to-be installed PET Line. After several follow-ups and many technical discussions, Tania finally chose TECH-LONG among many potential suppliers on their list. And then Tania signed the contract agreement with SURE for the supply of a full turnkey PET line for a speed of 14,000 BPH with TECH-LONG machines.

After that, TECH-LONG and SURE collaborated with Tania on crucial aspects of the PET Line, such as layouts, bottle design, carton design, label design, and more, ensuring the project's success. In July 2009, TECH-LONG and SURE successfully installed the complete PET Line, featuring 3 different bottle sizes (330ml, 600ml, and 1500ml), at Tania's Al Kharj Plant.

It has not even been a few months into full operation and Tania is fully sold out of its production due to a very strong market demand for its products. Tania and TECH-LONG are once again on the table in the process of finalizing yet another complete PET turnkey water line. This indicated the strong and professional management team at Tania and also the equipment success of TECH-LONG, which seems Tania might be unstoppable in its endeavor to conquer also the small bottle PET market in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries.

TECH-LONG, Tania, and Sure have developed a strong personal bond in addition to their professional relationship. This bond is destined to last for a long time. We extend our best wishes to Tania for her future endeavors.

Tania Water Factory, Saudi Arabia 1

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