Fayha Al Qassim Water Factory, Saudi Arabia

TECH-LONG has achieved a good reputation in the Middle East and East Africa.  Since 2003, we have installed over 65 operational plants for 5 Gallon RFC machines, ranging in capacity from 120 BPH to 3000 BPH. These machines have been very successful, leading to increased confidence in TECH-LONG. In the following years, TECH-LONG  continued to achieve new milestones in the region. In just 2008 and 2009, TECH-LONG successfully installed 7 turnkey PET water lines.

This would not have been possible without the support from Sure Technologies FZC (hereafter referred to as SURE). TECH-LONG's superior product performance, combined with SURE's expert technical support for installation, spare parts, and after-sales service, has led to highly efficient production lines and satisfied clients, which is demonstrated by our loyal customer base and repeat orders.

Fayha Al Qassim Water Factory, Saudi Arabia 1

Fayha Al Qassim Water Factory, Saudi Arabia

Fayha Al Qassim (hereafter referred to as Fayha) is one of the fastest-growing water companies in Saudi Arabia. Fayha is a subsidiary company of one of the largest business houses in Saudi, Al Rajhi Group. Fayha has 6 plants located in different parts of the country including Riyadh, Qassim, Abha, etc. The success of the Fayha group starts from its excellent management team led by Mr. Yahya Rajhi (Group Director), Dr.Hawas Sulieyman (General Manager), and Eng. Fathi Rehman (Technical Director).

TECH-LONG, Fayha, and Sure, First met in Saudi Print Pack 2005. After long talks and discussions, Fayha finally bought its first 5-gallon line from TECH-LONG at 1200 BPH. After this, TECH-LONG kept getting repeated orders.

Fayha’s confidence and trust in TTECH-LONG’s senior management, Mr. Zhang Song Ming and Mr. Ben Kong was clearly evident when last year in April 2009 Fayha placed yet another big order for a 96 cavity “UNIQUE” Preform Injection machine with Mr. River Xu through SURE.

In 2010, Fayha partnered with TECH-LONG and Sure for several new projects, including the first-ever 3000 BPH line in the Middle East with volumetric filler for 5 gallons. Fayha also invested in 2 robotic palletizers to automate their 4 existing lines in the Riyadh plant. With Fayha's commitment to growth, we anticipate future partnerships and greater brand recognition in the Saudi bottled water industry.

Fayha Al Qassim Water Factory, Saudi Arabia 2

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