Successful partnerships led Tania to choose TECH-LONG again.

Soaring in the "Happiness Desert”

Saudi Arabia is in southwest Asia, with the Persian Gulf on the east and the Red Sea on the west, surrounded by Jordan, lraq , Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Yemen."Saudi" comes from the name of ibn Saud, the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.n Arabic, "Saudi" represents "happiness" and Arabia" refers to the "desert", so "Saudi Arabia" means happy desert. American News Week once described the history of Saudi Arabia like this: Saudi Arabia used 50 years to create a wealth miracle from holding the treasury in a camel saddlebag to the richest petroleum kingdom in the world.

TECH-LONG started the exploration of the Middle East market in early 2002 and is accepted by a number of local famous brand clients like Hana, Fayha, and so on. With constant growth in market shares as well as trust and support from clients, TECH-LONG’s business is gradually soaring in the "happiness desert".

 Successful partnerships led Tania to choose TECH-LONG again. 1

Trust comes from professionalism and cooperation leads to win-win

The unique geographical environment and climatic conditions of Saudi Arabia facilitate a huge and prosperous industry: the barreled water industry. Tania Water Works is one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the five-gallon barreled water industry of Saudi Arabic Managed by the Dossari family, it was established in Alkharj in 2004, which committed itself to offering high-quality service and bottled water in the international standard for customers based on the principle of  “quality comes first”.

In 2007, TECH-LONG was selected as the first collaborator for the partnership between Tania. This partnership began with a successful project to establish a 14000BPH PET Filling turnkey line, which served as the foundation for a pleasant and fruitful cooperation between both parties. Afterward, the client purchased a 24000BPH BFC Combi Line and a 36000BPH BFC Combi Line in succession. Tania said that it was the excellent performance of the 36000BPH BFC Combi-block without nitrogen lightweight bottle line contracted with TECH-LONG in 2012 that convinced them of the outstanding China Creation" strength of TECH-LONG. The efficiency of the project integrated line reached 89% and achieved effective promotion and successful application in a lightweight field, which saved cost and improved the benefit and market competitiveness for Tania.

Attributing to the successful cooperation experiences, Tania chose TECH-LONG again as the Liquid Packaging Machine Supplier for its new project in 2013. It took only two months from initiation to cooperation. Senior managers of Tania even showed that there is no need for a field visit to TECH-LONG's factory since the outstanding quality has been proved by the previous high standard and high strength cooperation. Although the time of settlement for the project is short, it was guaranteed by the client's trust in TECH-LONG's professionalism and quality, which came from the consistently excellent performance.

Dome Water is a local drinking water brand with a great reputation in Sandi.The previously acquired production line was procured in Europe at a premium cost, yet its performance has been subpar with an approximate efficiency rate of only 50% over a span of almost two years post-installation. In 2013, Dome Company planned for a new production line. Because of the previous purchase experience, this time Dome was cautious towards suppliers. Through a comprehensive market investigation, TECH-LONG and another famous European brand were selected as potential partners.

As soon as receiving the purchase intention of Dome Company, TECH-LONG began the planning and preparation immediately. After preliminary communication, the client went for a field visit of TECH-LONG's factories. Dome Company was deeply impressed by the strength of TECH-LONG after visiting the manufacturing flow of integrated Lines and the production field of famous projects such as Coca-Cola and C'est Bon. The outstanding performance of TECH-LONG's equipment was highly appreciated so Dome Company established a cooperative relationship with TECH-LONG without other investigation. In the end of 2013 the contract of a 24000BPH BFC Combi Line was signed.

The close cooperation with Tania and Dome is another successful achievement in the exploration of the Saudi Arabian market, which could further promote the brand influence of TECH-LONG in Saudi Arabia and even the whole Middle East. With in-depth advancing business cooperation,the excellent reputation of TECH-LONG is expected to soar in the "happiness desert".

Successful partnerships led Tania to choose TECH-LONG again. 2

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