TECH-LONG's New Generation of Embryo Chemical Dry Sterilization and Aseptic Filling Technology

In China, after nearly thirty years of development, PET bottle aseptic filling technology has become the preferred alternative to traditional hot filling technology due to its unique technical and economic advantages.

TECH-LONG's New Generation of Embryo Chemical Dry Sterilization and Aseptic Filling Technology 1

In the early days of aseptic filling technology, the packaging material disinfection method mainly focused on sterilizing empty bottles. Among them, the method of using peracetic acid to sterilize empty bottles was a technical route adopted by many domestic and foreign companies. Since sterile water is needed to remove residual chemicals after sterilizing empty bottles, this method is called wet sterilization technology for packaging materials.

An insurmountable problem currently existing in wet sterilization technology for packaging materials is the high energy consumption and large amount of sewage discharge for packaging material sterilization.

TECH-LONG's New Generation of Embryo Chemical Dry Sterilization and Aseptic Filling Technology 2

At present, as the country attaches great importance to the ecological environment, enterprises are under increasing environmental pressure. The pursuit of safe, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly packaging material sterilization technology has become an urgent need for industry development.

The embryonic chemical dry aseptic technology launched by well-known foreign aseptic filling equipment suppliers represented by Sidel and Kronos has set a precedent for innovation in aseptic technology. This technology uses hydrogen peroxide to sterilize bottle preforms. After the hydrogen peroxide is completely decomposed, it turns into oxygen and water. Therefore, there is no need to use sterile water to rinse the packaging materials to remove residues. Dry sterilization of packaging materials can save water resources and the steam energy and electricity consumption required to prepare sterile water. At the same time, it can reduce sewage and exhaust gas emissions. As a new "green" packaging material sterilization solution, this technology has developed rapidly in China in the past ten years. On the basis of the bottle chemical wet sterile line, new options have been added for customers.

TECH-LONG has been working on the industrial application of the embryo chemical dry method since 2015. It initially applied this technology to fields such as ultra-clean (medium temperature) hot filling and ozone-free mineral water, replacing the traditional chemical wet sterilization of empty bottles, and product ozone sterilization technology, contributing to the industry’s innovation in energy-saving and emission-reducing filling technology. In this application process, we have continuously innovated to improve the embryo chemical dry process and equipment, and developed our own set of technical solutions to ensure the stability of sterilization.

TECH-LONG's New Generation of Embryo Chemical Dry Sterilization and Aseptic Filling Technology 3

In order to meet the current market demand, TECH-LONG has combined its efficient, stable and energy-saving bottle Blow Molding Machine manufacturing technology based on the early dry process ultra-clean technology and the mature and stable wet process technology established by us after more than ten years of development. Based on the aseptic platform, we followed the road of independent innovation and developed the PHP embryonic drying method aseptic line with independent intellectual property rights.

TECH-LONG's New Generation of Embryo Chemical Dry Sterilization and Aseptic Filling Technology 4

Hydrogen peroxide activation: TECH-LONG cooperates with universities to develop a patented technology (PHP technology) for efficient activation of hydrogen peroxide (patent pending). Through this technology, the purified hydrogen peroxide will be activated in advance. It decomposes to produce a large number of free radicals with highly effective bactericidal effect.

Bottle preform sterilization treatment: Spray hydrogen peroxide gas containing high concentration of free radicals into the inside and outside of the bottle preform, allowing the gas containing free radicals to fully contact the surface of the bottle preform to kill microorganisms on the bottle preform.

Hydrogen peroxide removal: By using a photocatalytic device, the remaining hydrogen peroxide in the embryo is decomposed, further releasing free radicals to improve the sterilization intensity in the embryo, and at the same time removing the remaining hydrogen peroxide in the embryo.

TECH-LONG's technical route replaces the heat activation method. Under the condition of ensuring that the peroxide residue in the embryo is <0.3ppm, the log killing value (ATCC 9372) can achieve >7log inside the embryo and >6log outside the embryo.

Since its launch, TECH-LONG's PHP embryo-dried aseptic line has been recognized by many well-known domestic beverage manufacturers. The embryochemical dry aseptic lines currently on the market have successfully passed strict sterility verification. While producing safely, stably and efficiently, it also brings obvious economic benefits to customers through energy conservation and emission reduction.

The research and development of sterilization methods for packaging materials is one of the main directions for aseptic filling of PET bottles. TECH-LONG's development of sterile technology in response to market demand makes its products more competitive. Additionally, TECH-LONG emphasizes innovation and relies on independently developed knowledge products. As a result, the company has successfully implemented various sterile lines with different container sterilization processes, effectively catering to the unique requirements of its diverse customer base.

TECH-LONG's New Generation of Embryo Chemical Dry Sterilization and Aseptic Filling Technology 5

TECH-LONG Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer has always been committed to pursuing progress and breakthroughs in new technologies, and using good products to add luster to Chinese manufacturing!

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