4 Things to Consider When Purchasing Carbonated Drink Filling Machines

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing Carbonated Drink Filling Machines

For business entrepreneurs new to the packaging industry, purchasing equipment for a project can be a risky process. Whether you are considering purchasing an individual machine or a complete line, if you are looking for new possibilities, filling machine could provide for a new interesting business opportunity.

According to a report, the filling machine global market size was valued at 6.7 billion in 2018. The market trend projection from 2019 to 2025 shows an annual expected growth rate (CAGR) of 4.2%. The global filling machine imposes itself as one of the most prominent businesses within the packaging equipment industry. 

In this article, we will introduce you to carbonated drink filling machines. We have gathered some of the key factors to consider when purchasing this kind of equipment.

After reading this article, you will be able to evaluate better if the investment is worth undertaking. 

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing Carbonated Drink Filling Machines 1

Introduction to carbonated drink filling machine

Nowadays, a filling machine for liquid is utilized for both carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks. These liquid filling machines are designed to fill the containers while keeping away dirt and bacterias.

For carbonated drinks (i.e., sodas and beers), producers must employ specialized filling equipment. Tech-Long main filling methods for soda beverages include the mechanical valve filling, the electronic valve filling, and flow meter filling. All of the mentioned filling methods can be utilized to fill PET, glass, and aluminum containers.  

The mechanical valve filling has two air exhausts with vent tubes of different lengths to better control the fill levels. This solution offers low CAPEX and reduced operating costs.

The electronic valve filling implements a cylindrical filling valve to manage opening and closing. This system is more reliable compared to the mechanical valves. Electronic valve filling offers flexibility through the adjustable air evacuation time and position, Overall, the production process is more accurate with less foaming.

The flow meter filling can simultaneously fill water, carbonated, and hot-filling products. Such a solution provides for several advantages such as more accurate fill volume, faster-filling speed, and the best CIP results.

What to consider before buying carbonated drink filling machines

Container types and materials

First of all, we shall determine the type of container. The answer to this question will help you choose what equipment is suitable for your need. The bottle’s characteristics must be compatible with the machine’s filling method. 

Besides, the materials of the container shall also be factored in our consideration. Is it going to be PET, glass, or plastic? All of these three kinds of materials demand special filling techniques. For instance, some equipment grabs the bottles from the side instead of from the top. Furthermore, the containers have different shapes and dimensions, which influence the machinery operations.

 It is recommended to present these problems to the suppliers. In this way, you can choose together the equipment that suits your need.

Production rates

Before starting your venture, you will need to ask yourself, what kind of production rates can I expect?

When considering the efficiency of the carbonated drink filling machine, you should consider both your current and future production needs. You don’t want to end up with a lower maximum output, requiring to upgrade the machinery.

The general guideline states that smaller machines are measured by the number of bottles they produce per hour (BPH). On the other hand, larger establishments measure production on bottles per minute (BPM).

To calculate an estimate of our production, maths comes to our aid. Manufacturers need to consider the number of heads and production cycles per minute. Tech-long solutions can achieve around 50,000 bottles per hour. Making a short and long-term plan for your production can save you money and time in the future. 

Type of filler automation system

In this paragraph, we will look at the two main types of filler automation systems: semi-automated and fully automated.

Semi-automated filling machines are the “in-between” option for small businesses, start-ups, and medium-size companies with expansion plans. The equipment is capable of producing more than their manual counterparts by speeding up the production with automation. However, they still require humans to perform some of the tasks through the production process.

Fully automated filling machines are the best choice for any large-scale operation with higher production rates. While fully automated equipment takes up more space than the other types, they require no manual handling since the containers are moved using a covey system. 

To know more about the different types of filler machinery, you may check our complete guide: The Complete Guide to Filling Machinery (2021)

In–line vs. rotary filling

Another aspect to consider when purchasing a carbonated drink filling machine is the installation setup. You can opt for an in-line filling machine or a rotary filling machine.

The in-line filling machine is cost-effective and customizable with up to 20 heads. Inline equipment can be adjusted to fill a variety of different container sizes without additional expenses. These models are usually preferred by small to medium-sized businesses.

By contrast, rotary filling machines are much wider equipment, with more specialized fillers with 25, 50, or over 100 heads. These machines are capable of producing more bottles per minute.


4 Things to Consider When Purchasing Carbonated Drink Filling Machines 2

Tech-long latest development for carbonated drink filling machine combines high hygienic conditions with greater flexibility, sustainability, and level of performance.

Since 1998, Tech-Long has been developing and producing new smart packaging systems. Our offer includes filling series, labeling, and conveying equipment. Tech-Long products offer a one-stop solution for packaging to increase business production and revenue. 

Contact us to explore new partnership possibilities!


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