TECH-LONG Has Been Selected As One of the Model Enterprises for the Integration of New-generation Information

On December 14 of the year 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the model enterprises list for the integration of new-generation information technology and manufacturing industry on his official website. In the orientation of the characteristic specialized industrial internet platform, Guangzhou TECH-LONG Packaging Machinery Co. Ltd. (hereafter referred as TECH-LONG) has been selected for the characteristic industrial internet platform with food and beverage oriented towards key industries and it is the only enterprise that has been selected in the food and beverage equipment manufacturing industry.

TECH-LONG Has Been Selected As One of the Model Enterprises for the Integration of New-generation Information 1

Relying on TECH-LONG's more than 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, it has a deep understanding of the industry's production process, management sore points, transformation needs, etc., and owns a complete ecological chain of the FMCG industry. Food and beverage characteristic industrial Internet platform, relying on wholly-owned subsidiary - Guangzhou Kecheng Information Technology Co., Ltd., provides the food and beverage industry with a comprehensive solution for the digital transformation, establishes a four-level product structure, i.e. automatic control system, workshop monitoring system, factory-level production management system, group-level management system, and constructs the food and beverage industry industrial internet center based on that structure, to enable digitalization and intelligent upgrade of food and beverage industry. TECH-LONG Has Been Selected As One of the Model Enterprises for the Integration of New-generation Information 2

TECH-LONG food and beverage characteristic industrial Internet platform provides food and beverage, home care and person care, alcohol, dairy products, condiments and pharmaceuticals industries with manufacturing execution, equipment remote operation and maintenance, energy consumption management, quality traceability during the whole process and other information systems, and delivers the data mining and analysis, to help customers realize the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing through digitalization.

Manufacturing solution

Transparency of the production process, production traceability, order collaboration and creation of a digital workshop are possible. Through the planning and scheduling, production, sales and supply chain links are closely interlocked, and the most optimized production scheduling program is created when they are in combination with flexible production line configuration.

Material management solution

It covers warehouse management, WIP inventory management, material distribution, completion comparison, feeding error prevention, to deliver the overall control of work-in-progress materials.

Equipment asset management solution

It has established a perfect equipment life-cycle management system to ensure the normal operation of equipment and improve the efficiency of equipment utilization. Utilizing the state of the equipment and related data obtained through data collection, it is responsible for formulating equipment maintenance plans, so that the emergency maintenance of the equipment is gradually transitioned to targeted preventive maintenance. At the same time, the realization of emergency stops in case of a fault for troubleshooting and establishment of maintenance experience library can guide the maintenance of equipment and achieve closed-loop management of the equipment.

Energy saving and emission reduction solution

Real-time collection of energy consumption data of each energy medium, upload to the system for data analysis, realizing the refinement of energy costs. Automatic energy consumption early warning enhances the level of intelligent analysis of energy consumption. All-round perspective of the flow of energy consumption and analysis of the potential for energy saving to reduce costs for high energy-consuming enterprises.

Quality management solution

Standard definition of product full life-cycle quality, online and offline quality data collection, quality intelligent analysis, and SPC quality statistical analysis of key process parameters provide effective means and information for improving process and quality, ensuring continuous improvement of product quality.

Warehouse logistics solution

Data collection for product in/out storage, uploading the generated in/out storage data to the product traceability data management platform system. And at the same time, it has the functions of inventory query, inventory taking, in/out storage information query, etc., which can effectively improve the level of inventory management.

Operation management solution

This module mainly provides decision support for operation management by analyzing relevant data reports and it is related to enterprise ERP, human resource management system, etc., enabling the performance appraisal and management of multiple factories and production lines, and provides basic data for the improvement of the performance of production lines, workshops, factories and even the whole group.

Supply chain management solution

This module mainly divides the materials management system of supply chain management into the production line code collection and correlation system, warehouse storage management system, product traceability data management platform system and material traceability management system. Collaborating with enterprise supply chain, suppliers, procurement and in-transit tracking, it makes seamless connection between supply chain and production link possible.

Safe production solution

This module mainly meets the protection requirements in the production process through the integration of 5G+AI visual detection and the compliance management system in terms of personnel's clothing, area access prohibition, behavior norms, etc., to guarantee safety management, to prevent in advance, remind in the event, and trace after the event. The compliance management system shall set up an on-site audible and visual alarm device, send messages by SMS and phone, give an alarm in time when there is any non-compliance action on the site, and it shall be linked with the assessment system. for rewards and penalties, enabling timely detection of problems, reminding and taking correction actions in the process.

Looking ahead

TECH-LONG's project titled characteristic industrial internet platform with food and beverage oriented towards key industries has been selected as a special specialized industrial Internet platform and it features a certain level of digitization, intelligence and greening. The company will continue to develop in the direction of digitization, intelligence, networking and environmental protection to enable intelligent manufacturing in the food and beverage industry, and contribute to China's new industrialization and a stronger, better and bigger real economy. 

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