Win-Win Cooperation between TECH-LONG and Blue Moon Create High-Quality New Life

Win-Win Cooperation between TECH-LONG and Blue Moon Create High-Quality New Life

Bearing the idea of "focus our efforts on wash" and serving as a professional company producing wash products, the Guangzhou Blue Moon Industrial Co., Ltd has become the leading company in the wash industry by integrating international top technology into Chinese life. 

As the first professional brand in household product in China, the Blue Moon series reflect the idea of "easy wash and labor saving" and shapes the distinctive features of efficiency, ease, and protection. The high quality of Blue Moon products benefits from its leading technology, which has gathered a batch of qualified chemical experts for R&D. With intelligence and faith, the experts advocate automation and high efficiency in cleaning and have developed outstanding products that make people enjoy the wash work rather than just do it. 

The Blue Moon staff understands very well the importance of stable quality. Even a minor defect will bring about a great loss to consumers. So far the company has passed the ISO9001 certification and ISO14001 certification, which is a further guarantee for stable product quality. For more than 10 years, Blue Moon’s products have become a household name and have been recognized by the general public. In order to improve customers' life quality, the Blue Moon staff is striving for better products.

Win-Win Cooperation between TECH-LONG and Blue Moon Create High-Quality New Life 1

Grasp Good Opportunity to Enter into a New Field

Limited by factors such as low speed and out-fashion technology, the labor-intensive production mode is adopted for the long term in the industry of household products at home. Even so, the old-fashioned equipment can not meet the requirement for precise filling which will directly affect cost and consumers' satisfaction. Even worse, dribs and extrusion caused by the filling valve will affect the hygienic condition of the product. Under such circumstances, based on its own strength, TECH-LONG rapidly mapped out a strategy, the international giant in the industry of household products, which was a full preparation for entering into the high-end household products packing market.

 Win-Win Cooperation between TECH-LONG and Blue Moon Create High-Quality New Life 2

Stand on the Giant’s Shoulder

Because of the high viscosity of materials to be filled such as shampoo and fabric detergent, it is of great importance to solve the problems of precise filling, thereby avoiding dribs and extrusion caused by bubbles. Based on the deep cooperation with P&G and its own powerful R&D strength, TECH-LONG has rapidly caught hold of key technology. By the end of 2010, TECH-LONG has provided P&G with more than 20 high-viscosity high-speed filling machines which are stably functioning all over the world. In 2011, P&G ordered another six one, with the output of each single machine is up to 18000 bph for a volume of 500ml. As the leading Liquid Packaging Machine Manufacturer in its field, P&G represents the highest standard for the industry. The cooperation between P&G and TECH-LONG certifies that TECH-LONG technology measures up to the international standard in the industry of everyday chemicals.

 Win-Win Cooperation between TECH-LONG and Blue Moon Create High-Quality New Life 3

Cooperation between Powerful Strengths Brings Win-Win Victory

After the cooperation with P&G, TECH-LONG started its cooperation with Guangzhou Blue Moon Industrial Co., Ltd, a well-renowned company at home and abroad. As a famous private company, Blue Moon holds the idea of "focus on wash" and strives to create a new life concept. With the continual enhancement of quality of life, the market share of Blue Moon steadily rises. Concomitantly, due to the surge in labor and management expenses, there is an escalating need for fully automated and high-speed production facilities. Against such a background, TECH-LONG helped Blue Moon in reducing manpower and management costs and promoting product upgrades by providing high-viscosity filling machines. And Blue Moon has ordered nine high-viscosity high-speed filling machines by 2011. We firmly believe that the deep cooperation between TECH-LONG and Blue Moon will result in a positive impact.


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