TECH-LONG Promotes Innovation in Liquid Packaging Industry, Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Leads to the Future

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of "2023 Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factories" and "2023 Intelligent Manufacturing Excellent Scenarios".  GUANGZHOU TECH-LONG PACKAGING MACHINERY CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as TECH-LONG) has been selected as the "Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factory for Complete Sets of Equipment in Liquid Packaging Industry", and become the first domestic liquid packaging equipment manufacturing industry to be selected for the national level intelligent factory project.TECH-LONG Promotes Innovation in Liquid Packaging Industry, Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Leads to the Future 1


 The "Twelve Excellent Scenarios" Sets up Industry Benchmarks and Typical Cases

TECH-LONG intelligent manufacturing factory deeply integrates industrial Internet applications, applies new technologies such as AR, digital twins and 5G, and creates twelve typical intelligent manufacturing scenarios, including digital product R&D design, virtual commissioning, digital process, remote product operation and maintenance, intelligent storage, energy consumption data monitoring, covering the whole life cycle, such as product R&D design, production assembly, quality control, supply chain, after-sales service.

   Taking the digital transformation of core parts processing technology as an example, TECH-LONG has jointly developed a flexible manufacturing production line with suppliers. Through the transformation and upgrading of old machine tools, add intelligent material warehouse, data acquisition and transmission module, anti-collision system, online precision detection system, grating ruler and other modules, and use FMS flexible production management software to form a group of production units that can be digitally monitored.

   The software program provides unified planning, execution, and real-time production monitoring to improve machine availability and increase production capacity without adding equipment. At the same time, it allows operators to expand from single-machine management to production line management, realizing staff reduction and efficiency. The production program setting and standardized grippers, together with the machine tool in-line inspection tools, improve the consistency of the products.

  With the use of flexible manufacturing production line, flexible fully automated production of parts and components and real-time monitoring are possible, processing accuracy and production efficiency are improved, labor input is reduced to 16.67% of the traditional mode, a single machine tool single day program running time is increased to more than 15 hours, the machine tool utilization is more than 62.5%, the economic benefits are increased two times.TECH-LONG Promotes Innovation in Liquid Packaging Industry, Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Leads to the Future 2

A Leader in Innovation in the Liquid Packaging Industry through Spur with Long Accumulation

TECH-LONG has always been committed to promoting the innovation and development of the liquid packaging industry. With its profound technology accumulation and strong R&D strength, it actively carries out digital transformation and in-depth integration of industrial Internet applications. In 2019, it obtained the qualification of intelligent manufacturing system solution provider. In 2020, it undertook the Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Project - "5G+Industrial Internet" high-quality network and public service platform project, and the pilot demonstration project of integrated development of the manufacturing industry and Internet. In 2022, it was rated as a level enterprise of integrated management system of informatization and industrialization. This time, we won the title of the intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory in 2023, which is a full recognition of the outstanding achievements of TECH-LONG in the field of intelligent manufacturing.


The Whole Industry Chain Ecological Factory Can Be Expected in the Future

TECH-LONG will continue to optimize the supply chain and build a smart supply chain; build a data cockpit industrial Internet experience center and industrial big data center; build a digital factory design, equipment manufacturing, operation, and maintenance of the whole industrial chain of data flow, to achieve efficient data governance and circulation.

   TECH-LONG not only strives for excellence in intelligent manufacturing but also, with more than 20 years of rich experience and sedimentary accretion in liquid packaging equipment, processes, workflows, digitalization, etc., it has set up an information system subsidiary, Guangzhou Kecheng, which specializes in serving the food and beverage, home care and daily care products and other industries, to empower downstream industries in digital transformation and to build a digital ecosystem for the whole industry chain.

   Looking into the future, TECH-LONG will continue to lead the development with innovation, promote industrial upgrading with intelligent manufacturing, and commit to becoming a global leader in the liquid packaging equipment industry.

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