TECH-LONG and Uni-president Start New Cooperation

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Five years ago, TECH-LONG’s first DRS30000 conveying system for secondary packing machines entered into production line of Uni-president Group for the first time. During the 5 years, the cooperation between TECH-LONG and Uni-president Group has developed rapidly from 1 project in the first year to 10 projects in the fifth year. Established for more than 10 years, with product ranges from sole machine (5 gallon bottle filling machine, water filling machine for small bottle, etc) at the beginning, to 2009’s combi-block that produces lightweight bottles, TECH-LONG has been awarded the title of "having courage in making innovation" by the companies of its kind. From the DRS12-40*40*12 small bottle production line to the DRS18-66*66*18 small bottle production line, TECH-LONG has witnessed not only the development of technology, but also the development history of Uni-president Group and even the changes of this period. In the age of beverage popularity, depending on its outstanding creativity, TECH-LONG will take the responsibility for promoting the growth of the industry. In the next golden age in beverage industry, what will be come up with for the future cooperation between TECH-LONG and Unipresident?

TECH-LONG and Uni-president Start New Cooperation 1

TECH-LONG firstly established its relationship with Uni-president in 2002 when Unipresident still used imported equipment. There was then no place for domestic equipment and Uni-president knew little about the domestic market. At that time, Uni-president had a high share in instant noodle market and through many years' efforts of Uni-president Group, the beverage market began to flourish. After sophisticated analysis, TECH-LONG’s directors realized the significance of cooperation with Uni-president and then determined to introduce its high quality equipment to Uni-president to change their view on domestic equipment and strengthen their understanding of TECH-LONG’s equipment. And the long-term persistence brought about the first cooperation: In 2006, Uni-president Zhengzhou introduced the TECH-LONG’s conveying system for secondary packing machines on the hot line into its operation. In the beverage kingdom, the product of TECH-LONG replaced the imported one successfully for the first time. The cooperation between Uni-president and TECH-LONG is not so much from predestination as affinity. In the long history of enterprise development, the two companies have many in common. As an old saying goes, “similar voices bring echo, kindred minds bring mutual understanding”. TECH-LONG insists on the spirit of "runs for you", which is similar to Unipresident’s tenet of "be honest and hardworking, innovate to make progress". Both the two companies highly value innovation, quality and talents which have laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

TECH-LONG and Uni-president Start New Cooperation 2

In 21st century, consumers have an increasing demand for life quality from surviving to respecting the value of life. Aiming at the diversified demand, Uni-president made decisive strategic adjustment, optimized the business and cultivated the market at the provincial level, which indicates that more and higher new technologies are needed to support the strategy. Upon the understanding of Uni-president’s development strategy, TECH-LONG keeps strengthening its R&D capability and releases new equipment with high speed, output, and high stability which demonstrates its powerful strength. During the first cooperation, Uni-president had a strong impression on TECH-LONG’s equipment, while as for all-round cooperation, Uni-president held a cautious attitude and kept an eye on the TECH-LONG’s development, the leading enterprise producing liquid package equipment. The second opportunity for cooperation occurred in 2009 when Uni-president needed a new production line for its newly-built mineral water plant in Bama, Guangxi Province (which was the first plant of its own established in Mainland China). TECH-LONG, as a candidate, attracted the Uni-president again. Through many assessments and evaluations, Uni-president Bama ordered a TECH-LONG production line. According to the feedback, the production line is in good service and comparable with the equipment imported from Europe and America. When the cooperation on this project was going well, Uni-president Qunming also ordered a 24000BPH hot filling production line for its juice production. Since then, the two companies have established tacit understanding and confidence.

After years of refining, the brand Uni-president has become a household name in the liquid product industry. Its beverage covers tea ( ice black tea, green tea, Chaliwang), fruit juice (“ate” series juice, tomato juice), drinks( milk tea, A-HA coffee), water (Unipresident mineral water, Alkaqua natural water), soy milk, cold drinks, Little Raccoon Milk and so on. In recent years, with the transformation of strategic blueprint and management thoughts, Uni-president’s market share keeps increasing and the cooperation has expanded to bulk bottle production line, fully automatic bottle molding machine, mineral water treatment system and softener, bottle production line, conveying system for secondary packing machines on aseptic filling line, moulds and so on.

 Since 2008, Uni-president separated marketing, producing and supporting for developing division of labor based on specialization. In the future, it will fulfill the aim of establishing at least one production base in each province and establish a sale network for all kinds of products within the shortest time. In addition, it intends to set up a sale platform covering provinces, regions and the whole country. Facing such good situation, TECH-LONG reviews the cooperation with a new vision, integrates its own resources, and strengthens the communication and cooperation between departments in order to provide its customers with best equipment and service. As the strategic points of Uni-president sharply increase, the peak of cooperation between the two companies has arisen, with 10 cooperation projects. TECH-LONG has made a breakthrough from 1 to 10 within the five years. Behind this accomplishment is TECH-LONG’s exquisite technology and excellent service, as well as the TECH-LONG’s spirit of perseverance and the courage to fight and strive.


In the new age, as the business of Unipresident is growing, there is every reason to believe that the two companies will  grasp the new opportunity to cooperate and climb up new peak in career!

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