Real Nutriceutical Works with TECH-LONG to Smooth Everything

Real Nutriceutical Works With TECH-LONG to Smooth Everything

Founded in 1997, Real Nutriceutical is now the largest manufacturer of amino acid-based nutritional supplements in China with a 32.9% market share. It went listed on HKEx’s main board on February 19th, 2010 (Stock Code: 02010.HK). The diversified product combination of the company stretches across the entire healthy food industry. Wuxi Real Nutriceutical Industrial Co., Ltd, a core subsidiary company of Real Nutriceutical Group producing health care products, is one of the first batch of companies producing health care products that passed the GMP certification. Real Nutriceutical Industrial Co., Ltd, located in Taihu National Resort in Wuxi, with the registered capital of 530 million Yuan, focuses on nutritional supplements production and operation, owning some advanced production lines for tablets, soft capsules, bottled and canned oral liquids and solid preparations. Real Nutriceutical takes the responsibility for strengthening bodies and serving health, insists on good conscience and quality, seeks no instant success and quick profits, views quality and technological innovation as the essentials of its development, and is bent on becoming a leading company in China’s health care industry. In recent years, Real Nutriceutical has launched amino acid-based tablets, amino acid-based oral liquids, royal jelly troche of the brand Real Nutriceutical, herbal tea and amino acid-based drinks of the brand Shun, products of the brand Shainny for beauty and health which in high favor with the consumers.

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Real Nutriceutical and TECH-LONG Deepen their Cooperation

The herbal tea of the brand Shun is one of Real Nutriceutical’s products. Ge You is invited to serve as the celebrity. The prescription derives from a family of herbal tea in the Five Ridges in the Qing Dynasty. Herbal tea prepared in accordance with this prescription tastes cool and sweet. It is genuine and able to relieve inflammation and internal heat and thus has been in high favor with the masses for some hundred years and is awarded with the title No.41 Secret Prescription in the list of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Since it available in the market, this herbal tea is well and widely received by the consumers and its sales volume keeps increasing. As a result, the original production line can not meet the demand. Since the end of 2009, Real Nutriceutical has been busy in the preparation work for a new beverage production line and sent its personnel concerned to some famous beverage equipment manufacturers at home and abroad for observation and investigation and made special observation and investigation on hot filling, aseptic filling and some other filling technologies at the same time. At the very beginning, Real Nutriceutical had thought about adopting the aseptic filling technology. However, hot filling was viewed as then the most mature beverage production technology with the top quality in the world. At the end of 2010, upon an observation and investigation of almost one year, Real Nutriceutical Industrial Co., Ltd chose TECH-LONG as its equipment supplier and ordered a complete beverage hot filling line with the output of 24000 bph in December 2010, including water treatment system, pre-treatment system, blowing system, filling production line, carton packer, case palletizer, and whole line conveying system. It is mainly used for producing product series of herbal teas of the brand Shun. Jiangsu Province is one of the provinces in China that have the most beverage equipment suppliers with some hundred beverage equipment suppliers of various scales . However, Real Nutriceutical has chosen TECH-LONG in recognition of its strength and culture, which is another achievement TECH-LONG has made in Jiangsu.

Real Nutriceutical Works with TECH-LONG to Smooth Everything 2

Provide technical target training, and serve customers in the round

On April 29th, 2011, Real Nutriceutical sent a study group to TECH-LONG to take training on knowledge about mechanical facilities, operation and maintenance of new machines, and the like. TECH-LONG provides its customers with all-around service, as well as high-tech mechanical facilities. In the fierce competition, TECH-LONG has earned the respect of its customers and built up a good reputation within the industry by displaying its technical strength and providing excellent service. Based on the requirements of its customers, TECH-LONG gives target training by sending experts to its customers combined with receiving study groups from its customers in order to help its customers solve technical disturbances and create good economic benefits for its partners.

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