Tech-Long hot melt glue labeling machine is a machine applied new research result. It has the feature of proper design, reliable performance, low running cost, high competitiveness etc. It can meet the round bottle, square bottle, eclipse bottle in different production line. It can also be used to label before filling or after filling. Labeling machine can be used in daily cosmetics and chemical, food beverage, condiments industry etc.

Design feature

Simple, easy operation;
Optimized design, less consumable parts;
10 Minutes to do different bottle change over
Mobile and fixed cutter adjustment simple, long time cutter
Optimized label feeding and control to meet different label application
Optimized glue system to meet different glue application

Application Range

Label full wrap around bottle with hot melt glue
Label partial bottle with hot melt glue
Square bottle or shape bottle fixed position label
Label before filling or after filling
Label materials can be paper, pet, opp, bopp etc
Label on pet bottle ,glass bottle and metal bottle
Machine ModelNon-Fixed Position LabelFixed Position Label
PHR2442000 bph32000 bph
PHR2036000 bph30000 bph
PHR1828000 bph24000 bph
PHR1524000 bph20000 bph
PHR1218000 bph15000 bph
PHR612000 bph8000 bph
Bottle ParametersLabel Parameters
Bottle HeightMin.——150mmLabel HeightMin. ——30mm
Max. ——370mmMax. ——175mm
Bottle DiameterMin. ——55mmLabel LengthMin. ——185mm
Max. ——110mmMax. ——360mm
Cutomzied machine is available


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