Tech-Long PET fully automatic rotary blow molding machine is the first high speed fully automatic blow molding machine in China. As the key program in national program called “Torch Program”, it filled the gap of domestic high speed PET blowing machine.
For many years, Tech-Long’s technology in PET blowing machine has reached the leading position in bottle manufacturing machine industry. The features of Tech-Long PET blow molding machine is automated, intelligent, efficient, stable, low cost, no intermediate contamination etc.
Application: PET bottles for beverage, milk products, edible oil, food, medicine, cosmetics, detergent etc.

CPX Series for Standard Shell Size

CPXM Series for Larger Shell Size

CPXF Series for Square Molds

Single Serve

CPXD Series for Extra Large Shell Size

Technical Features
Low Energy Consumption
Low pressure air is saved
Reducing the pressure of bottle’s high pressure air
Brand new blow molding technology can save the high pressure air consumption 40-55%
The preform heating consumption is lowered down 10-15%
Low Noise
The working noise of blowing process is less than 83dB.
High pressure air can be fully recycled further reducing the noise because of no or very minimal exhaust.
High Capacity (Single Mold Capacity)
Water Bottle-2250-2400BPH(≤0.6L)
CSD Bottle-2000BPH(≤0.6L)
Hot Filling Bottle-1600BPH(≤0.6L)
Low Maintenance Cost
Every functional part can be easily disassembled and assembled.
Modularized Design
Modularized and standardized design for same function components in different model of blow molding machines


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