TECH-LONG Launched for SAP ERP/OA Project Successfully 1
On July 19, 2016, TECH-LONG organized the SAP ERP/OA Project Launch Conference, with over 80 attendees from TECH-LONG, Hand, Weaver, and other companies. In order to “reduce operation cost and improve the execution efficiency”, TECH-LONG has determined to upgrade the current software and introduce the top level inforation system SAP ERP/OA. The conference was hosted by Xu Yongjia, Director of IT Department. The project managers from TECH-LONG, Hand and Weaver introduced the objective of TECH-LONG project, scope and plan, organization structure for project implementation and the management regulations. The leader of Shanghai Hand gave a speech and expressed to give full support to TECH-LONG SAP ERP/OA Project, and was willing to jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of TECH-LONG. On this conference, the operation director of TECH-LONG Zhang Chongming introduced the current developing situation of TECH-LONG, and emphasized the significance of project implementation. The increasing market competition has promoted  the informatization management. As the foundation of informatization management, SAP ERP/OA  plays an important  role in the upgrade of management. Informatization construction, with SAP ERP/OA as the core, helps enterprises keep up with advanced management practices and achieve a higher level of management. It also improves communication, collaboration, and resource configuration within the enterprise.