A Complete HMI Operation Guide to Tech-Long Filling Machine

Filling machines are necessary equipment to fill a liquid or other materials within a container, including beverages, oils, medicines, etc. This type of machinery is employed in numerous industries, ranging from beverages, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

The main purpose of the filling machine is to meet higher production demands while meeting hygiene standards. The product is completely sealed under sterile conditions to ensure consumer safety.

Tech-Long is one of the few suppliers in the world that masters the two key technologies of PET blow molding machine and filling machine simultaneously.

This article introduces the HMI operation of the Tech-Long Filling Machine.

A Complete HMI Operation Guide to Tech-Long Filling Machine 1

Preparation steps before production

Before starting the machine, the operator needs to check the basic condition of the machine. Whether the machine can operate safely? Or whether the machine is ready for operation?

After the inspection, there should be no items that don’t conform to safe production operations or have potential safety hazards. However, in the actual operation process, the inspection items can be appropriately added as needed to meet the safety standards.

NOTE: Please perform a proper inspection and start-up of each machine on the filling line. When checking, please use the file belonging to this machine. 

Here is the item information to check:

  1. In the “filling machine immersion” or “immersion sterilization” state, the following machine parts are in a sealed state: self-cleaning parts, piping systems, product supply lines, pneumatic parts, and hydraulic parts. If these parts must be opened or disassembled, the machine must be depressurized.
  2. Please refer to the relevant electrical equipment system documentation for electrical equipment system inspections.
  3. Check operating supplies, including electricity, gases (CO2, N2, sterile air), operating air, water, steam, etc. Make sure that the running supply provided is correct in terms of quality, quantity, and pressure.
  4. Ready for auxiliary equipment operation: bottle delivery system, water lubrication system, cap organizer, and cap sterilizer.
  5. Ensure all maintenance work is finished and all lubrication points are lubricated.
  6. Check whether the bottle-type-related parts of the machine are converted to the corresponding bottle type.
  7. Before starting the machine, make sure that all transfer parts are installed, secured, and thoroughly adjusted.
  8. Check whether the delivered bottles are of acceptable quality and operate normally.
  9. Check the outside of the machine for items that are not part of the machine.
  10. Set all selector switches to the “Auto” position on the control board.


Specific steps to operate

The machine safety facilities provided by Tech-Long are only basic equipment to prevent accidents. Therefore, the main factor in preventing accidents is the machine management personnel responsible for operating, cleaning, maintenance, repair, etc. In addition, be sure to put the documents for operating the machine in a designated place so that the relevant personnel can access the documents.

  • Power on and off

  1. Two switches

This switch in below does not require manual operation.

A Complete HMI Operation Guide to Tech-Long Filling Machine 2

This switch below needs to be turned on manually.

A Complete HMI Operation Guide to Tech-Long Filling Machine 3

  1. Machine startup

Turn on the main switch first. Then, according to the technical requirements, turn on the required switches in the electric cabinet.

  1. The shutdown of the machine

First of all, control delivering bottles. Then, stop running the machine. In the end, turn off the main switch and the switches in the electric cabinet.

  • Human-machine interface operation

  1. Homepage

Before starting the device, check that the control cabinet is powered. After that, open the operation panel for a few seconds and then enter the home page automatically.

  1. Switch between Chinese and English

The text language of the touch screen is Chinese by default, but the operator can switch the text language through the Chinese and English keys.

  1. Auto screen

Enter the automatic screen from the home page. After entering the automatic screen, there are 8 selection modes on the far left, including automatic, manual, CIP, parameter setting, lubrication, user management, message, and exit. Click the corresponding button, and the touch screen page will jump to this screen.

  1. Parameter settings

Click the setting button on the automatic screen, and the page will jump to the parameter setting screen.

NOTE: The parameters have been set during machine commissioning, and you only need to check whether the parameters meet the current requirements. Please have the parameters adjusted by professionally trained technicians if changes are required.

  1. Production mode

Press the corresponding button, and the machine will enter the production-ready state. When the machine is in automatic mode and production-ready simultaneously, the machine will run automatically under production conditions. On the other hand, the system will make corresponding actions according to the status of each sensor.

  1. Automatic mode
  • Stand-alone mode

Rotate the buttons on the operator panel to the stand-alone position. When the production is ready to meet the required standards for production, click the corresponding button to enter the single-alone automatic mode.

  • Online mode

Rotate the two-position switch on the operation panel to the online position. Connect the device to the blow molding machine and press the online button to start the blow molding machine.


Post-production treatment

  • Properly dispose of production waste to ensure hygienic standards in the production area and the production machines.
  • Turn off the power supply, gas source, and other switches according to the actual situation.
  • Shut down the machine according to the requirement.
  • Check if the security alert prompts an alarm. If prompted, please refer to the chapter on Alarm Handling and then perform other operations after handling.
  • Check whether other safety hazards or matters don’t meet safety production.


Why choose Tech-Long Liquid Filling Machine

A Complete HMI Operation Guide to Tech-Long Filling Machine 4

Guangzhou Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (Tech-Long) was established in 1998. Currently, the company is one of the few international suppliers of complete packaging lines with automated production turnkey from PET pellets to finished products.

Tech-Long produces products suitable for the entire manufacturing industry and has built a service network covering 80 countries and regions worldwide. We have more than 260 sets of processing equipment, 70 sets of high-precision CNC machine tools, 120 professional operators, and 20 high-end artisans.

In addition, Tech-Long has also passed the European CE certification, the US UL certification, and is an ISO9001-certified enterprise.

We have solutions for all your products and processes. Contact us! 


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