Trust roots in understanding;cooperation roots in profession

Tech-Long successfully obtain the C'estbon projects during the competition with foreign suppliers

“Share and trust, C'estbon is for everyone,”this famous message starts the story.

Trust, C'estbon

The story is started by an enterprise at Shenzhen high-tech industrial zone, Shenzhen Huarun C'estbon Beverage Co., Ltd. One of the products “C'estbon” with the excellent performance in domestic market be comes the leading brand in China's drinking water market, especially in southern China. The market share of C'estbon continuously ranking the first place and in 2007 the total sales volume reached 1.08 milion ton. From 1989, C'estbon dare to be the first marketing purified water, and became one of the earliest enterprises that professionally produced bottled water. in addition, C'estbon is one of the earliest enterprises that drafted the national standards of quality supervision and purified water for drinking. Having been strict with the quality, C'estbon has always provided healthier products to customers. Moreover, the enterprise was awarded as the China's top product brand, national exempting from inspection product, the most competitive brand in China, and so on, as well as the top ten enterprises of China's beverage industry.

Trust roots in understanding;cooperation roots in profession 1

C'estbon's tour to Tech-Long

Before 2004, the equipment used by C'estbon were all imported from abroad. C'estbon and Tech-Long cooperated pleasantly when C'estbon first chose suppliers at home: in 2004, the significant cooperation of one 30000 bottles/ hour purified water line started the tour. Soon afterwards, less than one year, anther good news broadcast: two 36000 bottles/ hour water lines of Tech-Long were recognized by C'estbon. According to incomplete statistics, C'estbon (including its bottling companies) signed more than 30 product lines with Tech-Long, among them, only SLZT (a bottling company of C'estbon) purchased nearly 20 blowing machines, and enlarged the cooperative regions to the subsidiaries of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Jiangmen, Hubei and Dongguan. Trust is the base of cooperation, which becomes the idea of the two sides.

Trust roots in understanding; cooperation roots in profession

In recent year, with the changes of customers' consumption habit and the pursuit of a healthy living, drinking water market is in an explosive growth, and C'estbon's sales volume increasing rapidly, enlarging the products becomes the cardinal task of C'estbon. The main equipment suppliers from Europe and Tech-Long were listed into the important assessment enterprises at the same time. After knowing the requirements of the customers, Tech-Long prepared the related works orderly. "The day for the first time the customer confirmed the equipment requirements is April 27, 2012", the principal of this project dearly remembered the situation at that time, “C'estbon asked us to show the cooperative customers’ list, operation information of the equipment purchased by customers, the market share of the BFC Combi.block, blowing machine, filing machine, packaging machine, and conveying system, etc, the detailed information about self-made equipment and bought-out equipment." After knowing customer's requirements, according to C'estbon's configuration requirements, experts preliminarily confirmed to purchase 36000 bottles/ hour BFC Combi-block whole lines and4000 bottles/ hour 4.5L whole lines. Through the modification for more than five times. A satisfied scheme presented to the senior leadership of C'estbon. Then, the customer's visitingto workshops highlights Tech-Long strength.On July 7, with the accompany of the principals of this project, the staff of Huarun C'estbon project department came to Zhongfu in Changsha and visited 36000 bottles/ hour 20 cavity BFC Combi-block machine, the visit lasted for three hours and the equipment worked well.

This time, Tech-Long completely showed his superiorities that all European competitors cannot own in terms of the equipment selection, spare parts supply, installation team, warranty.after service standards, etc. Meanwhile, Tech-Long's overall advantage is proved. After fully understanding and comprehensively weighing the advantages and disadvantages, C'estbon chose Tech-Long without hesitation. On September 27, Huarun C'estbon announced that Tech.Long wins the biding, who will provide complete equipment and installation project of purified water product line for Huarun C'estbon production base in Changsha.

Trust roots in understanding;cooperation roots in profession 2

Look ahead, a bright future

For years, a stable channel of C'estbon supports its continuous rapid growth. Nowadays, the sales networks are in Guangdong, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hunan, Fujian, Guangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hainan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hong Kong, Macao, and other provinces, cities and regions, as well as in Southeastern Asian countries and North Pacific Ocean countries. in the next five years, C'estbon will continue to achieve sales network coverage the whole country and march into other categories, and C'estbon will strive to be a nationwide comprehensive beverage company that have an impact on this field. On this majestic development blue print, we seemingly forecast the bright future of the cooperation Each network is an opportunity, and the both sides expect the next cooperation.



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