Juice, tea, milk based product, liquid food, energy drinks, milk tea, coffee and so on are all hot filling products. The product variety is ever increasing with flavors and textures preferred by customers. The variation of beverages has extremely high requirements for the production equipment. How to preserve the original flavor? How to treat the beverage with pulp and sacs? How to achieve the hygiene requirement, filling accuracy, temperature etc? With the support of safety design to control microorganism and flexible filling technology, Tech-Long filling machines will provide different solutions for different products. Every one of your products will have its optimal solution. 
Filling MethodMechanical Valve FillingFlow Meter FillingWeigh Filling
Applicable Bottle TypePET/Glass/Aluminum BottlePET/Glass/Aluminum BottlePET/Glass/Aluminum Bottle
Technical FeaturesDifferent length of vent tubes to control fill level Hygienic design Filling with reflux or without reflux To guarantee the fill level with vacuum deviceAccurate fill level control Non-contact filling Automatic CIP dummy bottle Optimal flow path in filling valves to ensure the complete CIP Adaptable to light weight bottle Fast recipe change Easy maintenanceOnline weighing instrument to conrol the accuracy of filling level Non-contact filling design, safe and hygienic Optimized liquid piping design Fast filling speed Pre-reserved different filling recipes, easy to change
How to Choose?Low capex and low operating costMore hygienic filling Accurate filling Automatic CIP dummy bottleWeight as the measuring standard Higher requirements for filling accuracy Different size of bottles in one machine More hygienic requirement Large size container filling
Capacity60,000 bottles per hour60,000 bottles per hour24,000 bottles per hour



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