TECH-LONG Automation System has Achieved Success in the Firework Production Industry 1

Recently, automatic packing and detection, labeling and loading system of TECH-LONG was accepted by one of fireworks company in Guangdong Province and also get a positive feedback from customer. Since then, TECH-LONG has officially marched into the fireworks production industry, and developed a new market.

This system realized fully automation fireworks production line, including packing and detection, labeling and loading with a speed of 600 boxes per hour, it can fully meet requirements of the whole production line. Prior to system implementation, the loading process was conducted manually for 25KG boxes of explosives, requiring extensive labor and resulting in low production efficiency. Furthermore, industrial explosives carry high risk, posing potential safety hazards during production. TECH-LONG's automated system significantly reduces the need for on-site operators, thereby lowering long-term labor costs and mitigating harm to individuals in the event of explosions.

In the whole set of system, TECH-LONG has applied manipulator in labeling process in an innovative way, which gains unexpected effect. Compared with traditional labeling method, manipulator labeling is very flexible, and the labeling location can be changed as needed. With sound compatibility, it can better adapt to diverse product model and variable labeling location, etc.

Our loading process now incorporates industrial robots, which neatly stack entire boxes of explosives inside enclosed container trucks. This pioneering application represents a first in the fireworks industry and the loading sector throughout China, filling a gap in the country's market and positioning us as an industry leader. With its advanced concepts and high adaptability, the loading robot has the potential to revolutionize the loading market and serve as a competitive industrial automation solution for the logistics industry.