Efficient energy conservation, safe guarding | Tech-Long Aseptic Lines Run for You

Time flies, and 2024 has quietly reached the midpoint. In the past six months, the neutral LG culture medium verifications of five 36000BPH aseptic lines shipped by Tech-Long at the customers' sites have been completed in one go and these lines have been put into efficient production, including one bottle chemical wet sterilization line and two preform chemical dry sterilization lines and two wet and dry sterilizations flexible aseptic lines. One of the aseptic lines can also realize one-time filling of fruit pieces with a side length of 5mm. While improving market competitiveness for customers, it once again demonstrates Tech-Long's technical foundation and innovative awareness in the aseptic filling field.

Efficient energy conservation, safe guarding | Tech-Long Aseptic Lines Run for You 1

Safety forms cornerstone of trust

This batch of five aseptic lines that have been verified in culture medium has achieved the verification result of zero microbial contamination rate in more than 30,000 bottles of neutral LG culture medium products at one go after 14 days of incubation, which demonstrates extremely high product safety for Tech-Long’s aseptic lines in both wet and dry sterilizations. This safety is Tech-Long's solemn commitment to consumers' health, and it is also a solid backing for customers' products to stand firm in the market.

Efficiency acts like the engine that drives production

Efficiency is the core to enhance the competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry, and Tech-Long knows this well. After all five aseptic lines passed the culture medium validations, Tech-Long completed the efficiency climbing work in only one month, surpassing the contracted production efficiency and realizing the stable and efficient operation of the whole lines. The products include neutral tea, coconut juice, coconut water and energy drinks. The diversified product lines have witnessed the profound heritage and unlimited possibilities of Tech-Long in the field of aseptic filling. The birth of each kind of beverage is the result of Tech-Long pursuit of both speed and quality.

Energy conservation brings a green future

Today, when the concept of environmental protection is becoming a global consensus, Tech-Long's preform chemical dry sterilization and wet/dry flexible aseptic line, with its unique packaging sterilization technology, realizes the surpassing of the traditional wet sterilization aseptic line. It is worth mentioning that, with Tech-Long's preform chemical dry sterilization, no sterile water is needed in the process of packaging sterilizing, which saves water and energy costs for customers and greatly reduces the burden of sewage discharge for enterprises. Compared with the traditional wet sterilization line, the annual energy cost of packaging sterilization can be reduced by more than 80%, which is not only a fruitful achievement in the field of technological innovation, but also a vivid interpretation of the commitment of Tech-Long to sustainable development.

Tech-Long aseptic lines run for you

At the forefront of today's exploration of aseptic filling technology for PET bottles, in-depth research and innovative development of packaging material sterilization methods has become our main focus. Facing the diversified needs of the market, we have implemented a series of sterile lines for different container sterilization processes, and accurately met customer needs with excellent technical responsiveness and customized service levels to provide customers with turnkey sterile line projects. Tech-Long will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product upgrading, demonstrating the solid power of Made in China with strength and quality.

Efficient energy conservation, safe guarding | Tech-Long Aseptic Lines Run for You 2

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