Trust upon Responsibilities—Successful Acceptance of Laiyang Luhua Water Plant Project

Luhua Group, a large private enterprise, a brand of the Chinese nation and one of the national key leading enterprises in agriculture industrialization, has always adopted the enterprise development strategy of "making the enterprise prosperous based on technological innovation and excellent quality" and integrated healthy diet into the life of Chinese people.lts Luhua oil series products obtained special honors at different times such as “National Trustworthy Oil",“Oil for State Banquets in the Great Hall of the People”,“Product Advocated for Nutrition and Health”, etc.lt has become a famous brand in Shandong Province and even in China.Trust upon Responsibilities—Successful Acceptance of Laiyang Luhua Water Plant Project 1

Laiyang Luhua Mineral Water Co, Ltd. is an enterprise subordinate to Luhua Group and mainly engaged in the production and sales of healthy drinking water, including multiple technically advanced production lines of barreled and bottled mineral water, Since its establishment, it has adhered to the spirit of “customers first and people oriented"endeavored to realize its goals based on originality, and been determined to build up a harmonious and transparent product supply chain.

In 2012, Tech-Long and Laiyang Luhua reached the strategic cooperation that Tech-Long would provide Laiyang Luhua with an entire line for bottled water production.In April 2013, Tech-Long's Service Team for Project Acceptance inspection conduct the final installation and commissioning at the customer's factory for this project, which had a very high requirement for time and quality. When the equipment arrived at the factory, the customer had already removed the original old equipment on the site.Thus,“supply shortage" became a problem approaching to the customer. In the meantime,President of the customer company would visit the factory in a short time, which shortened the time for installation and commissioning again.

At that moment,“time" became the tensest problem in the project. The project team got alerted to the most extent and raced against time to conduct each procedure.Just three days before the visit of President of Luhua Group, the equipment was finally installed and was about to be commissioned.However more difficult problems were encountered in the commissioning later. Due to the failure of the bottle taking and separating procedure of the film packaging machine, the equipment could not be commissioned to its best condition during the whole-line commissioning process.Once receiving this news, Tech-Long's technical personnel arrived at the site by plane overnight and solved the problem in the shortest time for the customer to make it enter the production mode. At last,it was highly praised by the customer On the third day, President of Luhua Group visited the workshop with some local government officials. When knowing that all the installation and commissioning work were completed within19 days on the site and the equipment operation was so good,he was deeply moved by the sincere services of Tech-Long Project Service Team and expressed at once that he hoped to cooperate with Tech-Long again on the newly planned1,500-barrel 5 Gallon production line.

The success of Laiyang Luhua Project at such high standards and intensity is a technical test and reflects the team maturity. For Tech-Long,services are like a flag. Each person of Tech-Long will always undertake the enterprise's social missions and responsibility to perfectly interpret the good concept of “running for you"

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