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Where Are Blow Molder Machines Used?





What Is a Blow Molder Machine?

A blow molder machine is a manufacturing device that blows bottle preforms to produce hollow plastic bottles with special shapes. Its working process is:


Place and sort preforms

The bottle preforms are placed on the conveyor belt by operators and the blow molder machine will start to sort them into one line with specific spacing.


Convey and heat

The preforms are conveyed to the integrated oven inside the blow molder machine, and then increase the temperature to melt them until they are prepared for inflation.


Stretch and blow

During this process, the preforms are placed in the blow mold, first stretched by a core rod. Then, the blow molder machine blows high-pressure aseptic air into the preforms to make them perfectly fit the blow molds.


Output bottles

After cooling, the blow mold opens, and the finished bottles are ejected, being conveyed to be collected or the next step of packaging.

New Improvements!

6.0 Blow Molder Machine from Tech-Long

Tech-Long’s blow molder machine has been upgraded to the 6th-gen version to meet all the new challenges, including aseptic requirements, energy consumption, noise control, high capacity, and high flexibility. See how Tech-Long plastic blow molder approaches to be even more perfect with the below four improvements.

1.Blow wheel

  • Max process angle and quick response supported by servo stretch.
  • Mold opening and closing interlocked with mold base for vibration reduction, noise reduction, and motion connection improvement.
  • Quick response and high synchronization level possible, thanks to stretch interlocked with nozzle seal.
  • Mold locking and bearing limit using the arm, reducing noise and increasing reliability.
  • Optimized drive system for low noise during high-speed operation.
  • Quick-change molds for higher flexibility.


  • High-efficient reflection for intensifying heat absorption.
  • Enclosed structure to reduce heat loss.
  • Heat transfer reduced and deformation decreased with protection to neck finishes.
  • Traditional water cooling is replaced by air cooling on neck finishes to remove condensation.
  • Quick-change spindles and preform size parts.


  • Fully enclosed preform transfer for ultra-clean un-scrambling.
  • Quick adjustment of the distance between roller and slide to suit different neck finishes.
  • Second-level preform transfer for large neck finishes and intermittent preform inversion, causing no damage and scratch to neck finishes.
  • UV sterilization on neck finishes for producing an aseptic product.
  • Horizontal conveyance is available for lightweight preforms.

4.Control system

  • High-performance servo motor featuring quick response and strong vibration resistance.
  • Closed-loop temperature control system for accurate temperature control.
  • High-performance safety door system, safe and reliable.

What’s more?

Tech-Long 6.0 Blow Molder Machine Is Upgraded For 4E: Economical, Efficient, Environmental-Friendly production, and Extraordinarily service.

  • High Speed and Easy Maintenance for high efficiency: The output of water bottles has been upgraded to the maximized 95200 BPH. All the parts are easy to assemble and disassemble, lowering the time consumption on maintenance.
  • Energy Conservation, Low Noise for environmental-friendly and economical production: Reducing 45-55% high-pressure air consumption and 30-40% electricity consumption. The noise of this blow molder machine is under 83dB.
  • Tailor-Made Service: Tech-Long offers pre-sale service (bottle design, analysis, experiments, and inspections), assistance with selection among machine models and layouts, and customized design.

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