The process of water treatment system for drinking water treatment plant is decided by raw water quality and purpose water to be used. Basically,there are three different stages for water treatment, which are pre-treatment, deep treatment, and terminal treatment.

Pre-treatment: multi-media filter, carbon filter, softener, filter to remove iron and manganese, filter to remove fluorine, ultra filter, micro filter etc

Deep treatment: applying membrane or ion exchanging to do treatment.

Terminal treatment: ozone, UV, polisher, EDI or CDI etc.

drinking water treatment plant

Application Range

  Beverage and food industrial water, drinking purified water, mineral water, spring water, bear, wine, medical water etc.
  Salt water and sea water desalting
  Rinsing water for electronic parts, integrated circuit, silicon wafer, screen etc.
  Electrical/chemical boiler water making up, boilers water making up for energy plant or mine
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  Daily chemical water, medical water and other sterile water
  Waste water and normal water recycle-recycle the useful matters in industrial water
  Direct drinking water
  Other water related treatment system


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