TECH-LONG Produces Healthy Guizhou Water with Xingwei Group 1

See through Market Opportunity with Penetrating Insight

It is rarely known that as one of few provinces in China with less industrial pollutions, Guizhou Province has abundant available water resources, in addition, the mineral water here is full of natural strontium elements which are beneficial to human body. Mr. Wang Wei, President of Xingwei Group in Guizhou province, acutely perceives the opportunity and timely launches its own brand “Guizhou Great Healthy Water”. It is dedicated to enhancing the position of Guizhou water in the market and further tapping the huge market potential.

For a long time, President Wang Wei has devoted to the targeted poverty alleviation and constantly explored the industrial innovation modes. Since the success of the model of “Five kinds of shares at Xiushui (literally, the shares consist of percapita shares, land shares, benefit shares, shares of filial piety and development shares)” put forward by him, Wang Wei immediately has got involved in the construction of the “Xingdong Great Health Industrial Park”, another large project. The project covers a total land area of approximately 6,000 mu, with the total investment of RMB 20 billion and its ultimate objective is to form the comprehensive industrial base which focuses on the production of food, medicines and health care products, and concurrently engages in such sectors as medical care, seniors supporting, preservation of health, culture, tourism and leisure activities. The “Great Healthy Water” represents the primary project in the construction of the Park.

Forge ahead when Facing Difficulties and Boost the Fast Development of the Project

At the end of April 2016, it led a delegation to conduct an inspection to Tech-Long in Guangzhou. As the leading enterprise in China's beverage packaging machine manufacturing sector, TECH-LONG has mastered the most advanced equipment technology in the industry and possesses world-class processing capabilities. Their excellent quality assurance system and management team have been recognized by the leaders at Xingwei Group. With a shared commitment to independently creating new national brands, both parties reached a memorandum of cooperation and signed up for two production lines.

During our discussions, we encountered a challenging issue of how to timely launch products during peak periods of drinking water consumption. In response, immediately after signing the contract, TECH-LONG kicked into full operation, working tirelessly in multiple directions to ensure the completion of the task as scheduled.

Setting up the Xingdong project team

The strategic position of products was designed by the senior and professional marketing and planning team, so were a series of promotional plans. With the experience accumulated for many years, it had provided suggestions, as well as the innovative schemes for the products’ being released in the market.

The project manager coordinated the whole project to facilitate the project construction. In the condition that the plan arrangement map of the whole factory had not been determined, an experienced project manager was immediately deployed to provide guidance for the planning and design of the factory buildings under construction, as well as the comprehensive and point-to-point guidance for such factory buildings, and confirmed the design plan and regulated the process of factory construction.

As for the process of factory construction, training of talented staff and team building. Detailed training plan was made to provide selected excellent employees from Xingwei Group with systematic training, thus storing talented workers for the Group.

Smoothly Deliver the Key to the Project and Break the Record of the Beverage Water Industry

On July 18, 2016, the trial production was conducted and the project results were checked with the customer. All processes including design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and production were smoothly carried out, and the turnkey project was thus completed. The period of construction was shortened by 2 months and 10 days, setting a new record in the drinking water industry.