Mountain Spring Tastes Fresh And Sweet ——Tech-Long And Runjing Water Industry Build Up ‘’Wudang Mountain Spring‘’

Learn Taoism in Wudang Mountain and preserve health by taking water in Taiji Lake

Hubei Danjiangkou Runjing Water Industry Co.,Ltd. was registered by Hubei Danjiang Energy Investments(Group] Co.,Ltd. in January 2013.Located on the foot of the lofty Wudang Mountain and on the bank of the Han River, it is a key enterprise greatly supported by Danjiangkou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to develop natural drinking water by use of superior resources from water sources in the middle line of the south-to-north water transfer project. The company's registered capital is RMB 20 million yuan; its floor area is 100 mu in Danjiangkou Water City Industrial Park. With an investment of RMB 160 million yuan, it will be constructed as a natural drinking water enterprise with an annual production and processing capacity of 0.4 million tons. The natural drinking water of Wudang Mountain Spring is from the deep water in Danjiangkou Reservoir. which is one of the national first-level water source protection zones and the core water source in the south-to-north water transfer project and is honored as the “Heaven Pool in Asia". It is natural and pure with a sweet taste and full of several mineral elements beneficial to human bodies.

Mountain Spring Tastes Fresh And Sweet ——Tech-Long And Runjing Water Industry Build Up ‘’Wudang Mountain Spring‘’ 1

Advantages based on the reputation

The cooperation between Tech-Long and Wudang Mountain Spring originated from the great acceptance and good reputation of Tech-Long gained in Nongfu Spring. In December 2012, Mr.Chen, former factory director of Nongfu Spring.left for Runjing Water Industry. After the project was started, first of all, he invited President of Danjiangkou Electric Power Group Mr. Cheng.Secretary General Mr.Chen and others to visit Tech-Long. As President Mr. Cheng had a very good impression of Tech-Long's overall strength,he expressed onsite that it was not necessary to inspect other equipment suppliers. In this situation, Tech-Long responded quickly and paid a return visit to Dangjiangkou Runjing Water Industry under the leadership of company leaders and provided a whole-factory solution to equipment technology and factory layout in the shortest time.

Success promoted by strength

In the short two months from the contact. inspection, return visit and technical exchange to the formal bid, the professional and responsible attitude demonstrated by Tech-Long to Runjing Water Industry fully reflected its superior core competitiveness.On January 23, 2013, the bidding meeting of this project was held officially.By virtue of its higher cost performance, strong technical strength and excellent services, Tech-Long signed a contract with Runjing Water Industry on a complete turn key line of 43200BPH natural water. The equipment included Air compressor, chiller, purification system, BFC combi block, conveyors, wrap-around packer,shrink wrapper,palletiser etc.


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