March Into The Indonesian Market

PT.SINAR SOSRO (hereinafter referred to as SOSRO), established in 1940, is the largest tea beverage company in the Indonesian market. It has diversified products including tea beverage fruit juice drinks and drinking water products. In such a country with a large population and hot climate, the market share of SOSRO's non-carbonated beverage is up to over 65% so its market appeal is apparent. In 1990, looking forward to the future, SOSRO took bottled water as a new development project and formally began to produce bottled drinking water Air SOSRO. which enjoyed a good market situation.

In 2012,two lines of 18000BPH BFC whole-line equipment uncovered the prelude to Tech-Long s progress in the Indonesian market. With excellent equipment, it established a striking brand in local areas. From that moment on. Tech-Long marched into the Indonesian market formally. When obtaining SOSRO's investment plan in new lines, Tech-Long's project leader attached high importance. As SOSRO had a very requirement for production equipment for drinks, it always adopted European filling and packaging production equipment. Thus, Tech-Long set up a special project team composed of sales, technical and project management personnel, conducted technical discussions and communication with the customer for several times, and finally obtained the customer's approval and trust by its superior strength and design solution.The customer signed a contract with Tech-Long on a whole 24000BPH BFC line including blower to labeler, wrap-around packer and palletizer.


A flower of Tech-Long blooming in Indonesia

After the 24000BPH BFC water production line was signed with SOSRO, Tech-Long rode on the momentum and signed another 24000BPHBFC water production line with PT. TIRTAPURBALINGGA ADIJAYA, a drinking water company subordinate to SOSRO headquarters in April 2013 The close cooperation with SOSRO on the water production line indicates the customer's full acceptance of Tech-Long's equipment technology and lays a good foundation for both parties' cooperation on the production line for tea beverage in the future. With deeper cooperation, Tech-Long's brand will be spread over the Indonesian market quickly with a good reputation.

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