Light-Weight Container Without Nitrogen? - Able To Satisfy Personalized Demand,Tech-Long Expanding Ltself To The Arab Market

Established in 1999, Arab Modern Industry Company (Dala] owns over 10 high-speed production lines and mainly produces fruit juice in different tastes and bottled water in different specifications from 0.2L to 5L. Dala up till now has become a well-known large beverage manufacturer in Saudi Arabia and throughout the whole GCC area.

In 2012, as a regular customer of Tech-Long. Arab Dala planned to expand the capacity of a 36000BPH water production line and invited Tech-Long to participate in the bid. Tech-Long organized the resources immediately and salesmen went to Saudi Arabia to meet the customer. After getting to know that the customer expected the new production line to produce light-weight bottles, in combination with the experience in light-weight bottles projects cooperated between Tech-Long and international beverage giants such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola.etc., salesmen made a targeted introduction to the customer about the advantages on high-speed production lines and light-weight bottles and invited Dala to visit factories in China.

One month later, Mr Sager the General Manager of Dala arrived on time. After visiting several production lines provided by Tech-Long for customers such as Coca-Cola, Dala affirmed Tech-Long's technology on light-weight bottles and the whole-line delivery ability. Especially when visiting the 36000BPH light-weight bottle production line in an OEM in Changsha for an international brand, the customer was impressed by the smooth operation of the equipment and the high efficiency on the factory's daily production report. In the business negotiation later on, upon cautious consideration, Dala determined to offer this project to Tech-Long and increased from one water production line on the original plan to two 3600BPH light-weight bottled water production lines.

At the initial stage when the project was launched, according to the requirements proposed by Dala, Tech-Long revised the layout for several times and finally completed the layout design based on the limited existing factory with the full support of the whole technical team.

Then, Dala told that this light-weight bottle project cannot be filled with nitrogen due to local laws and regulations. This was a brand new topic and challenge to equipment suppliers both home and abroad. Tech-Long concentrated its technical strength to demonstrate this project step by step from the design of bottle preform and model and proposed multiple solutions to potential problems. After tests for several times, the verification was succeeded at last and the equipment was delivered in time and well received by the customer.

Light-Weight Container Without Nitrogen? - Able To Satisfy Personalized Demand,Tech-Long Expanding Ltself To The Arab Market 1

The second time of cooperation with Dala marks another success of Tech-Long in the Middle East market of high-speed beverage production lines. Also, it is another milestone of Tech-Long that it further masters the light-weight and environmental protection technology and reinforces its voice as one of a few of enterprises in the world that can provide light-weight whole production lines.

Thank Dala for its support and trust for Tech-Long as always. lt is believed that under the close cooperation between Dala and Tech-Long this project will certainly succeed completely and it is expected that both parties can develop together and make achievements together in the future.

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