Endless Cooperation -Successful Acceptance Inspection Of 36,000 Bottles/Hour Water Production Line In Hengshan Xinlian

“11 years ago, the first RJM10 blowing machine of Tech-Long entered the production line of Xinlian Company for the first time.

During these 11 years, the cooperation between Xinlian and Tech-Long has increased quickly from one project in the first year to 16 projects in the eleventh year.

For years, whether it is the initial single equipment or the provision of the whole equipment afterwards, the cooperation at each time indicates the tacit understanding and trust The handshake at each time marks the bright future of the cooperation between both parties.

In January 2013, at the beginning of the year, good news came from the Tech-Long Project Service Team that with an efficiency of up to over90% the 36,000 bottles/hour of water production in Hengshan Xinlian passed the acceptance inspection smoothly This is 15th project cooperated by Tech-Long and Xinlian. As a regular customer of Tech-Long. at the end of 2011, upon long-term inspection and the scientific evaluation based on its actual.

the situation of equipment use, Xinlian signed three BFC whole water production line projects with Tech-Long again, which would be installed at two branches in Xintang, Guangzhou and Hengshan, Hengyang as the 0EM of the domestic famous branch ‘‘C'estbon’’.

In July 2012, the project equipment arrived at the customer's factory. Led by project manager Li Zuoping, the project installation team constituted by service engineers Zeng Rixing, Xiao Heng, Peng Shihua, Chen Wenhan, Tian Linnuan and zheng Weipeng made full use of every minute to install and commission the equipment despite the hot weather due to lack of temperature conditioner on the site. At the end of August, the whole-line electromechanical commissioning of the equipment started. On September 10, the whole-line start-up production was started finally. Then, production was started successively. At last, in January 2013, through days of onsite observation and follow-up by engineers, the whole-ling equipment could operate stably and reach the efficiency of over 90%. Thus, the project acceptance inspection succeeded.

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