Diversified Pran Group is dedicated to improving the life of people

Diversified Pran Group is dedicated to improving the life of people

Pran Group, founded in 1980, is Bangladesh's largest fruit and vegetable processing facility. The company actively promotes the cultivation of high-quality crops by farmers to increase their earnings. With its main office based in Dhaka, Pran Group has over 10 branches throughout Bangladesh.

PRAN, or the Programme for Rural Advancement Nationally, is a renowned company in Bangladesh known for its wide range of products, including biscuits, potato chips, milk, beverages, and various daily-use items like plastic barrels and basins. PRAN has played a significant role in supporting farmers to enhance their productivity and creating employment opportunities through the production of high-quality and reasonably priced goods. Among its extensive product portfolio, the beverage segment, which includes water, fruit juice, and carbonated drinks, enjoys great popularity in Bangladesh with a significant market share.


TECH-LONG filling equipment assists PRAN GROUP in obtaining success in the beverage market

Pran Group purchased one TECH-LONG Hot Bottling Line and one carbonated filling line as early as September 2004. And the smooth operation of the equipment helps to Pran Group's remarkable success in the beverage market. Pran Group highly appreciates the exceptional products and excellent after-sales service provided by TECH-LONG. To fulfill the growing demands of the beverage market, Pran Group bought a TECH-LONG 24000BPH hot bottling line in August 2008.


Three months later, based on the excellent cooperation of both parties, Pran Group purchased TECH-LONG's another 28000BPH carbonated filling entire line in November 2008, which symbolizes that both parties have entered into the deep cooperation phase.

Diversified Pran Group is dedicated to improving the life of people 1


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