On January 30, 2008, Tech-Long A-shares (code:002209) officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

In 2008, Tech-Long joined hands with P & G Company to donate 250,000 yuan for snowstorm affected Deshengzhai Center Primary School of Chenmagang Town, Macheng City of Hubei Province.

In 2008, Tech-Long participated in the 18th International Packaging Machinery, Packaging and Confectionery Machinery Exhibition (INTERPAK 2008) held in Dusseldorf, which was the world’s largest and most influential exhibition for packaging machinery for every four years.

In 2008, Tech-Long hit out the Eighth China Brew & Beverage Technology and Equipment Exhibition.

In 2008, the first session of Tech-Long workers’congress was held successfully, and the mutual fund of its trade unions was established.

In 2008, the capping ceremony of Tech-Long’s fifth-phase project was held.

In 2008, the aseptic filling machine of Tech-Long went to the market.

In 2008, Tech-Long joined hands with Coca-Cola to participate in “Roots & Shoots” campaign and donated 100 tree seedlings to support the reforestation project in Inner Mongolia.

In 2008, Tech-Long had “the Charity Tour of Tech-Long to Fenghuang City in western Hunan”.

In 2008, Tech-Long spent money promoting the large high-precision machining equipment and further improved the control system of its product quality.

In 2008, Tech-Long independently developed volumetric filling machine, which was mainly for high-viscosity liquid and also for other precision filling of liquid products (including alcohol,beverages, soy sauce, etc.). The development of this device resolved the dependence of some domestic high-end users on the imported equipment and greatly reduced such early input as investment costs. Additionally, its spare parts and after-sales service were better than foreign brands.

In 2008, Tech-Long successfully developed PET aseptic filling technology, which used hightemperature to sterilize, ensured the sterility of products and maintained nutrients and flavor of products.

In 2008, Guangzhou Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was identified as “The Top Ten Enterprise of the Best Employer Enterprise of Guangzhou, China in 2007 by CCTV”. The naming activities were co-sponsored by CCTV,Zhilian Zhaopin and Xinkuaibao.

In 2008, Tech-Long won the title of “Innovative Enterprise in Guangzhou City”.

In 2008, Tech-Long won the title of “New high-tech Enterprise”.

In 2008, Tech-Long won the titles of “Enterprise Excelling in Intellectual Property Right” and “The Enterprise with Ten Points Patents.

In 2008, “the whole equipment of tea, fruit and vegetable beverage automatic high-speed hot filling machine” of Tech-Long was awarded the first prize of scientific and technological achievements of Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone.

In 2008, “the whole set of high-viscosity fluid filling equipment” developed by Tech-Long was given the title of Key and New Products of Guangdong Province.

In 2008, “the development of the whole set of high-speed PET bottle blower-filler-capper monobloc and its industrialization promotion” of Tech-Long won the first prize for Science and Technology Progress in Guangzhou City.

In 2008, the high speed blowing machine of PET bottle and the high speed hot filling production line of PET bottle and the carbonated filling machine of Tech-Long were identified as the high-tech products in Guangdong Province.