Soda Filling Machine

Cola, Sprite, Soda, sparkling water, cocktail, flavored water……the variety of carbonated beverage is ever changing. New trend, new products and new packaging are emerging continuously.

For soda bottle filling machines, how to raise the filling temperature to reduce energy consumption? How to reduce foaming? How to keep accurate filling? How to avoid the residuals in the neck? How to preserve the CO2… it is not an easy task to handle all these challenges.

However, no matter what products, Tech-Long will achieve your target with the best technology. Meanwhile, a Tech-Long filling machine can realize multiple functions in one piece of equipment. Our carbonated beverage filler can do water, carbonated drinks, and hot filling products!

Filling Method Mechanical Valve Filling Eletronic Valve Filling Flow Meter Filling
Appliable Bottle Type PET/Glass/Aluminum Bottle PET/Glass/Aluminum Bottle PET/Glass/Aluminum Bottle
Technical Features Cam controlled filling valve opening and closing
Different length of vent tubes to control fill level
Two air exhaust
Cylinder controlled filling valve opening and closing, more reliableFilling valve open and close time and angle are adjustable
Air evacuation time and position are adjustableAccurate fill levelLess foaming
Accurate fill volume control
Faster filling speed
Less foaming
Automatic CIP dummy bottle
Best CIP result
Multiple filling function available
Higher filling temperature
Fast recipe change
How to Choose? Low capex and low operating cost More reliable than mechanical valvesLower capex than flow meter fillers Higher filling temperature
Best CIP result
Fill water, carbonated,and hot filling products together
Capacity 42,000 bottles per hour 42,000 bottles per hour 50,000 bottles per hour


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