Automatic Oil Filling Machine

  • Tech-Long offers oil filling solutions that are accurate, hygienic and no residual.
  • Our oil filling solutions include edible oil filling and industrial oil filling.
  • We have the ability to improve your oil filling machine designs to address your specific product features.
  • 36000 bottles per hour

Accurate, Hygienic and No Residual

Packaging oil commercially is a huge challenge due to the filling accuracy, dripping, and splashing. To get the job done, the latest technology and experience are required. With Tech-Long automatic oil filling machine, you can save time and put your efforts in the right direction. Only a suitable working oil machine can regulate the flow of oil in the industry. In this way, the operations could run smoothly.

Automatic Oil Filling Machine

Choose the Proper Oil Filling Machine

Weigh Filling

  • Applicable for PET, glass, HDPE, PE bottle, and can
  • Weighing instrument to control filling accuracy, free of filling volume limits;
  • Suck back function on filing valve to avoid dripping
  • Fast recipe change
  • Positive pressure or gravity filling
  • Automatic CIP system

Mass Flow Meter Filling

  • Process different bottles in one machine
  • Accurate fill level control
  • Maintenance free flow meters
  • Automatic CIP dummy bottle
  • Optimal flow path in filling valves to ensure the complete CIP
  • Faster filling speed
  • Fast recipe change
  • Easy maintenance

Make Your Good Profit with Tech-Long Oil Filling Machine

PT Bina Karya Prima, one of the biggest edible oil retailer in Indonesia

PT Bina Karya Prima is growing its market share larger and larger after cooperating with Tech-Long by occupying a couple of edible oil filling production lines .

RUSAGRO, one of Russia’s largest vertically integrated agricultural group

RUSAGRO has made its sunflower seed oil production line more efficient and has won the recognition of clients with Tech-Long automatic edible oil filling machines.


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