Top Packaging Company in China
In Tech-Long, it owns the only national level R&D center in this industry. It is the key high-tech enterprise in ”national torch program”. It is the leading enterprise in China packaging industry. And it is the only company who has military industry and naval architecture capability in this industry.

Tech-Long honors
top packaging companies in china

In the road of innovation, Tech-Long has a lot of achievements.

Tech-Long is awarded the only one National-Level-Enterprise Technical Center in packaging industry.

In 2012, Tech-Long set up beverage packaging complete equipment national and local engineering research center and Post-Doctoral Science Work Station in this industry.Tech-Long owns more than 800 patents, and more than 500 patents have been authorized. It has 200 invention patents, and 300 innovation patents have been authorized. Tech-Long has 1 international patent.

Rotary blow molding machine is one program of national torch program.

Filling machine is one program of national torch program.

Four national high tech products:

RJM fully automatic PET blow molding machine, CPXX fully automatic high speed blow molding machine, fully automatic light weight bottle blowing-filling-capping monobloc and high viscosity filling-capping monobloc.

Innovation on five national high tech products:

Fully automatic soy sauce filling machine, tea/juice hot filling line, CSD filling machine, PET bottle beverage hot filling line, PET high speed rotary blow molding machine.

Independently drafted 10 industrial standard, drafted 13 national standards as the leading position.


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