TECH-LONG Rises to Fame in Canada Market


TECH-LONG Rises to Fame in Canada Market 1

Exploration in Canada Market

People might well confuse Canada with America due to a general resemblance with minor differences between the two countries from geography, politics to cultures. However, Canada has its own characteristics.

Close to the Arctic Pole, Canada boasts numerous snow mountains, glaciers, lakes and other water resources which are minable and well preserved with high quality due to less industrial pollution. As a sparsely-populated country, the population is unevenly distributed with its majority residing in the Great Lakes region in the east and the Great Vancouver in the west.

Most of the products in the local market, however, are imported from America. Water and beverage industry calculate a small market share of domestic products. As a developed country, the education there is seriously polarized. As a result, many people are not well educated for they cannot afford the high tuition fees.

The under population and the education conditions result in the lack of human resources in manufacturing industry. Since many investors are not involved in water & beverage industry before, they rely much on suppliers, which make it even difficult for many local plants to carry out turn-key project.

Therefore, as for water & beverage equipment suppliers, if they want to succeed in Canada market, they should, on the one hand, be dominantly capable of manufacturing equipment, and on the other hand provide professional and comprehensive services which are especially important. 

Create Benchmark Project Based on Customer’s Need

In 2014, the 36000BPH filling line, a collaboration between TECH-LONG and Canada NGW, became the benchmark project in this field. The project started off well due to TECH-LONG's ample hardware facilities and excellent technical capabilities. Throughout the six-month negotiation phase, TECH-LONG's project team consistently prioritized the customer's needs and worked diligently to resolve any issues promptly. The team made a total of 15 layout modifications. Furthermore, TECH-LONG INC. provided NGW with localization services, project management support, and reliable after-sales assistance. Currently, the project's equipment has been successfully accepted, receiving high praise from the customer for its efficiency and quality during testing. As a result, TECH-LONG will now proceed with the follow-up tasks.

Seize the Opportunity to Leap Forward

In 2016, TECH-LONG and First Choice Beverage, an OEM for Coca Cola based in Toronto, reached an agreement on a G5 blow molding machine project. The project involves a G5 blow molding machine with 6 cavities, molds, and other auxiliary equipment for manufacturing PET bottles used for cold chain products. One of the challenges faced in this project is the shrinkage of the bottles during the 72-hour period after blow molding, before they are filled. This poses difficulties in terms of mold properties and the blow molding process. However, thanks to the dedication and efforts of TECH-LONG's technical personnel, the project is proceeding as planned.

The success of this cooperation is of significance on TECH-LONG for it will be recognized by Coca Cola system in the America. Additionally, it will expand the reach and impact of TECH-LONG's bottling system in the northeastern USA and Toronto.

TECH-LONG achieved great success in Canada market in 2016. 

TECH-LONG Rises to Fame in Canada Market 2

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