Pasteurized milk, yogurt, fresh juice are sensitive products. They require to be transported and distributed in the cold chain. The products which do not contain preservatives have to be filled in ultra-clean environment at cold temperature. This is to preserve the original flavor and nutritional values.
Tech-Long uses the ESL (Extended Shelf Life, also called cold chain) technology to realize the product filling. The ESL process is to fill the products in hygienic and cold temperature conditions.The products have passed through a sterilization device before filling to reduce microorganism. Cold temperature will inhibit the growth of microorganism. Product quality is thus maximized without preservatives.
Filling Method Mechanical Valve Filling Flow Meter Filling Weight Filling
Applicable Bottle Type PET/Glass/HDPE Bottle PET/Glass/HDPE Bottle PET/HDPE Bottle
Technical Features Different length of air vent tubes to control fill level
Hygienic design
Filling without productc recirculation, automatic CIP available
Low investment costs
Accurate fill level control
Non-contact filling, more hygienic
Automatic or manual
CIP dummy bottle
Optimal flow path in filling valves to ensure the complete CIP
Fast recipe change
Weighing instrument to control filling accuracy, free of filling volume limits
Reliable, easy maintenance, regularly adjust for platform
Fast recipe change
Positive pressure or gravity filling
Automatic or manual
CIP dummy bottle
How to Choose? Products having good flow characteristics, such as liquid juice with no pulp
Low investment and production costs
Fill level as a measuring standard
Products with short shelf life or with fewer food additives
Higher hygiene requirements
Volumetric filling
Automatic CIP dummy bottle
Filling volume as a measuring standard
Various bottle changeovers
Products without any food additives
Weight as a measuring standard
Extremely high requirement for filling accuracy
Reliable filling valves action
Capacity 36000bottles per hour 36000bottles per hour 36000bottles per hour


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