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Product is the source of life and quality is the protection for the life. Testing is the foundation for quality control, so we put many investments into quality testing device the same time with advanced processing machines. At the present, spare parts testing center has equipped with testing machines, like GLOBAL PERFORMAN 07.10.07 and GLOBAL STATUS9.12.8 three-coordinate measuring machine produced by Hexagon, metal optical analyzer of Spectro, Vickers, Rockwell Hardometer, leeb hardness tester, coating thickness tester, digital projector, video projector, eddy current thickness meter, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, electronic level meter, pressure gauge and leakage current tester, so our testing method is always in the leading place in this field.  

Micro Vickers

The new hardness tester combined precision machine and photo electricity computer software, it can be used for Vickers test, testing metal construction, including subtle parts, sheet, thin harden coating and galvanized coating, besides, it can also be adopted for non-metal material that Rockwell testing method and other testing method do not work.

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