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The Road Ahead is Still Long, and Tehc-Long Seeks New Ways through Innovation and Transformation
As we bid farewell to a difficult but progressive 2016 and look forward to a very promising 2017, across China and many of our major International Markets the factories that engage Tech-Long Machines continue to run at high productivity and we believe that promises a vibrant outlook for us and our customers.  At Tech-Long, each member takes immense pleasure and is glowing with National Pride as Tech-Long finishes another stupendous year.  The New Year brings a new Dawn.  We start this new year’s journey with passion as we continue to believe whether in Glory or in Pain our aim remains : Runs For You!

I. History Review

Despite difficult macro-economic conditions and a slowdown in recent years, Tech-Long has enhanced its strength and continues to make arduous efforts to progress due to its consistently practical and progressive Guangdong style entrepreneurship.

During 2016, our company has spent enormous material resources and financial resources to develop and expand our “Technology R&D Center”.  The R&D team has been provided with better tools, convenience at work, resources to conduct research and a better work life balance to help the technical team to devote themselves completely to the research, development and testing of new technologies.  This has enabled us to maintain our leading position in this highly advanced technological industry. 

The competitive products featured by “blowing-filling-capping integrated machine” have been developed rapidly thereby creating new markets and new business growth points for us.  It has greatly strengthened our industrial competitiveness and market effectiveness thereby cultivating a technical team with the capacity to innovate and fight competition fiercely. Over the years, our company has proactively led the future trends leading to the industries overall development thereby borne the responsibility of being an Industry Leader and winning infinite honors for itself as well.

Our company is a leading enterprise in the liquid packaging industry in China.  Two key drivers to our growth have been the “Fully integrated whole line automation solutions in liquid packaging” and “robot-based industrial automation solutions” as well as our focus on the research and development in the liquid product packaging industry and industrial automation device. Currently complete product chains have been formed covering pre-treatment, injection molding, bottle blowing, filling, blowing-filling-capping, delivery, labeling and secondary packaging and industrial automation. Our company is ranked amongst the top comprehensive suppliers around the world and the only one in China to provide the full-line solutions as well as multi-item products thereby filling the gap in  the domestic market and breaking the monopoly of the foreign equipments while developing the substitutes for imported goods in a wholistic manner. Since 2000, we have occupied the number one position in the domestic industry for a consecutive 16 years, with major clients including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, Danone, C’estbon, P&G, Bluemoon, Jinlongyu and Haitian etc., and shared the global strategic partnership with P&G, Pepsi and Coca-Cola. 

Tech-Long is one of the mature integrated manufacturers in the domestic industrial automation application industry. Several complete series of parallel robots with advanced performance have been commissioned with ease of operation, high safety and high product technology. Moreover, it has gained remarkable results in improving the automation levels thereby raising labor productivity, precision instrument processing and use of artificial intelligence.  We have thoroughly overturned the thinking and production models of the traditional manufacturing industry and have become an important support for the technological advancement of our industry as well as generated wide interest from people of all walks of life.  We believe we have a huge market prospect in the age of high-end manufacturing industry 4.0 in the domestic market. 

Besides, our company also boasts other batches of sophisticated technologies from independent research and development, such as fully-automatic high viscosity filling technology (applied in industries like soybean sauce, edible oil and daily-chemical liquids), fully-automatic blowing-filling-capping integrated machine technology (high-speed G5 bottle blowing machine), gas-contained filling-gland equipment technology, rotary fully-automatic viscous fluid filling cap-tightening technology. With innovation in technology structure and with features like numerical control, precision and high efficiency, the equipment can be operated in an easy, environmental friendly manner with lower energy consumption.  The quality levels, output and unit cost of end products such as beverage and daily-chemical articles have been highly improvised representing the highest standards of the current industry. The above-mentioned features further improve and strengthen our advantage as a leader. 

Our company is a new technology enterprise, and enterprise with national intellectual property advantages, built with national-level enterprise technology center, national local united engineering center and post-doctoral scientific research work station. Up to the end of 2016, a total of 750 patents have been applied and 450 patents have been authorized, including 123 invention patents, 301 patents for utility models and 10 international patents, ranking the first in the industry. Our efforts in the developing intellectual property have been recognized by state, provincial, municipal and district departments. We have been awarded the National Patents Excellence Award 4 times, Gold Award for Guangdong Province patent, Excellence Award of Guangzhou patent, second prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award and the first prize of Guangzhou Science and Technology Progress Award. In addition, we have proactively drafted 9 national standards and 10 industrial standards and have been continuously rated as Guangdong Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise and National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise and praised as the “Industry Leader”.

The past several years have witnessed ups and downs and sharp growth in risks due to the financial turbulence thereby bringing in many difficulties and extra cost to the operation control of the enterprise. Tech-Long always adheres to the management principle of “Strive, Innovate, Develop” and firmly promotes technology innovation and cost optimization while calmly dealing with the risk challenges  to maintain a basically stable state. Management of the company takes assessment of developing market conditions and uses a scientific decision making process to make future arrangements and strategy adjustments that would help the development of the whole industry while efficiently overcome negative factors like stagnancy of the economic environment and the intensifying competition between markets at home and abroad.  This in turn has helped us to keep the company's business stable in adverse market conditions, greatly improved our operational appearance, enhanced the confidence of staff in continuing to make progress and greatly improved the company’s brand value and core competitiveness. 

II. Trade with the Situation

Sun Tzu said: a skilled commander seeks victory from the advantage instead of blame his subordinates.Therefore, he can selects suitable person and take the advantage. Who take the advantage then he can command his soldier is just like turn woods and stones. Now, the nature of wood and stone are that on stable ground they are static; on a slope, they move. If square, they stop; if round, they roll. Thus, the energy of troops skillfully commanded in battle may be compared to the momentum of round boulders which roll down from a mountain thousands of feet in height. Having paid attention to my counsel and plans, the general must create a situation which will contribute to their accomplishment. By "situation" I mean he should take the field situation into consideration and act in accordance with what is advantageous. 

Proprietors of the company always make plans ahead from the international perspective and made the strategic layout some years ago. Under the guidance of Mr. Zhang Songming, set up a wholly-owned subsidiary of California in U.S.A in December 2011, which has sounded the bugle launched into European and American high-end market acting as the outstanding representative of beverage packaging machinery industry in China and represents the magnificent transformation from “Made in China” to “Created in China”. The American-east subsidiary, later established in Atlanta city, covering 25000 square feet, staffed with localization discipline talents and advanced elites, provides injection molding, bottle blowing, filling, industrial automation, spare parts and after-sales service and mobilizes the marketing in America areas comprehensively with the system of excellent technology support. 

Tech-Long, as a liquid-state packaging device system supplier with international brand reputation, from the perspective of international outlook, based on the absolute confidence in the advanced technology itself and excellent manufacturing and the comprehensive strength in the operation and management, was the first enterprise in China that breaks the monopoly and technical barrier of the competitors, takes the lead in access to the European and American high-end local market and makes a huge investment in the wholly- owned subsidiary. Such confidence roots in the genes of transformation, innovation, openness, sharing and cooperation accumulated from the past decades of development of Tech-Long.Such a team with fighting capacity, passion, ideal and responsibility is always the greatest source and wealth for our firm advance. 

Our company has established regional marketing and management organization in the local America, which provides overall liquid packaging solution for the medium-end and high-end customers within the region according to commerce clause and technical services featuring higher cost performance and flexibility and diversity of made in China. We have a very distinct and long-term commercial plan and management system in American market, which can make a clear commitment to broad masses of regular and new customers in the market where they will get the best technical products and excellent quick service; we proactively help the world-class companies in America to implement their great commercial plans and investment activities in a better way and provide cheap cost capital and financial service so as to give assistance in implementation of the complete solution of investment, plant construction and production, and hence many strategic consumers have a very earnest aspire in cooperating with us, the lively and local Chinese company. Tech-long American Subsidiary has indeed provided social contribution for the economy and labor employment where it is located. 

Opportunity always favors those who are prepared. Only in a few years, the American Subsidiary has sold nearly 33 bottle blowing machines successively in America market, of which 15 machines are sold in American local market. In addition to equipment sales and technical service, we pay more attention to the market recognition to our professional skill and Chinese brand; we meet differentiated demands of different customers with the best equipment and most excellent service, so as to earn the praise and trust from high-end customers and we have long-term cooperative strategic partnership.  

As the only pacesetter of beverage packaging machinery industry in China, since we have absolute confidence in leading technologies, mass production capacity and after-sales service system of our company; upon the accumulation of successful experiences of North America subsidiary, Tech-Long established another wholly-owned subsidiary in Vienna, Austria in August 2016. We hire top professionals and sales elites for Europe with competitive salary and continue the practice of local market development and operations management so as to forge Tech-Long with a large international brand image, raise enterprise recognition and market share, further build the overseas sales network and regional distribution, deeply exploit regional market resources and strengthen the capability of localization quick service. Now the American Subsidiary and Austria Subsidiary have formed the “Gemini” in the whole sales system of company, lighting and supplementing for each other. 

Tech-Long always attaches great importance to industry information construction and rational utilization of resource. In recent years, with the development of each company business and for the purpose of reduce integrated operation cost and improve the organization execution efficiency, the company has appropriated large amount of special funds to upgrade and rebuild the existing information management system, and started up the top management information systems (SAP ERP and Weaver OA System) in the world so as to fully promote the enterprise operation and management efficiency. Through several months’ technical construction and unremitting efforts of Special Team, the company grandly held the Initial Meeting for the Standard Implementation of Integrate Management of IT Application with Industrialization at the Marketing Building exactly at the last working day (December 30) of 2016; Xiao Liangyan, the Section Chief of the Economic & Information Commission of Guangdong Province, Zhou Zhiyong, Associate Consultant of the Economic & Information Commission of Guangdong Province and Wang Shu, the Section Chief of the Economic Development Administration of Guangzhou Development District were present and gave instructions; over 50 participants of our company attended the meeting, including Chen Gang, the Vice-president, Cheng Wenjie, Deputy General Manager, Zou Daqun, Chief Engineer, all medium and senior managers and department representatives (part of employees on business trip learnt the meeting by watching the video). 

At the Initial Meeting, the Vice President Chen Gang introduced the background of standard implementation of Integrate of IT Application with Industrialization, reviewed the history of information construction and emphatically introduced the prominent achievements in the process of information construction and information integration, including the research and development of intelligent equipment with functions of auto-adaptation, automatic adjustment and automatic decision, the foundation of remote operation and maintenance service platform, which covers multiple business data; the Vice President hoped the company can take the good opportunity standard implementation of integrate of IT application with industrialization according to the tentative standard of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, focus on the company strategy closely and forge the enduring advantage of intelligent manufacturing under the information age. 

Furthermore, in order to guarantee the equipment parts of high quality, our company has invested over RMB one hundred million successively in the past years to build the “Precision Parts Machining Center”, purchased several German and Japanese numerically-controlled machine tools of multiple functions to use for the processing and manufacturing of precision parts. Such large amount of investment under the stagnant business cycle highlights the comprehensive strength of Tech-Long and its great ambition for optimistic future prospect, which is unique in the same industry. 

III. The Future has Come

The ambition shall be more determined through a few of trails and hardships; it's just the beginning of journey, we still have a long way to go. The achievements we acquired through arduous efforts in the past makes no indication that the way we forward is flat and unobstructed therefrom; facing such tough economic conditions, we shall be prepared for dangers in times of peace, always maintain the clear recognition and study and judge, strive to improve the prospect of enterprise management strategy, emphasize the concept of “people oriented”, optimize the enterprise structure and build efficient organization to realize that the larger the enterprise is, the simpler structure and less hierarchy are. 

“Survival of the fittest” is far from enough and only the adaptable shall last forever. It is exactly the continuous improvement that makes Tech-Long today’s achievements. Looking forward to the future, we shall continuously develop and search for breakthrough in self-negation; only by arriving at new boundary, shall we acquire more vitality and promotion to march towards higher platform. We shall cultivate the product leading capability, break the conventional thinking, and change the R&D environment and innovation mechanism to discover and create value and initiatively provide differentiated products and services. 

Actively explore the “Belt and Road Initiatives” and “Go Global” strategies. Even though our products have been in used all over the four continents in nearly 90 countries and regions, it is still necessary to deeply exploit market and customer resources, maintain the current regional operation improvement and business growth, increase the global regional expansion, enter the strategic new market, enlarge the proportion of overseas business to build an international system and marketing network. 

A straw shows which way the wind blows; a wise man thinks in a long-term and thorough way. Based on the economy development pulse of future China even the world, the Board of Directors made a new resolution at the end of 2016, which is to establish the “Guangzhou Tech-Long Industrial Co., Ltd.” (Capital injection of RMB 100 million). This wholly-owned subsidiary is mainly engaged in sales of existing company products and engineering service and other relevant businesses, establish a clearer management responsibility and assessment mechanism so as to improve the overall operation efficiency of listed company, promote the listed company for continuous and healthy development. 

The subsidiary is now in the procedure of filing and registration in such departments as the State Administration of industry and commerce, State Administration of Taxation, State Administration of Foreign Exchange and General Administration of Customs, and is predicted to be open for business in February 2017. The new subsidiary will explore and refine the market in a unique operation mode, strive to provide differentiated product and technology service and forge to build an incubation platform for innovative technology; in the future, it is likely to acquire other advanced technologies of intelligent manufacturing and integrate various resources for the parent company and the subsidiary; it shall strengthen the product structure based on the collaboration of industrial technology and financial capital so as to promote the core competitiveness of listed company, maintain the leading role in the industry and enhance the listed company for its sustained profitability. 

Looking forward to the future, the company shall boost the transformation in depth. Facing the future of hardship and hope, we shall forge ahead over maintaining the strategic composure and we shall strengthen executive ability, make efforts and look forward, strive to break the development bottleneck. Next year is the 20th anniversary of Tech-Long and Tech-Long is in its primes, just like a youth, full of dreams waiting for us and calling us to maintain the important and leading position in the industry, to become the world famous brand and make our traditional products more advanced and more intelligent. We shall grasp the future trend with great concentration, embrace technical progress in active manner, improve the product and service quality and promote the industry for upgrading and updating; we shall speed up the pace of “go global” so as to set a solid foundation for Tech-Long to realize the ambitious goal of “being practical, getting stronger and getting larger”. 

A time will come to ride the wind and cleave the waves; I will set my cloud-white sail and cross the sea which raves. The future is coming; let’s go together (in Chinese “17” have the same pronunciations as “Yiqi”, which means “together”); let’s attach our hearts to each other and march forward courageously to build a wonderful life together; live up to the opportunities, challenges and honors endowed by the age and create more excellent achievements as a gift represented for the company’s 20th birthday! 
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